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PF 1901
Overall rating
Color: PF 1901 is a light green and a bit yellow-gold at the edges. It is very clear and bright. It seems a little too pale but otherwise perfect.

Louche: This has a quick louche and is very active with early oil swirls. There is a nice gradient and also a unique final pop when the louche finishes. It has a nice thickness and is yellow-gold with a apparent translucence when held up to the light.

Aroma: PF 1901 smells a bit flowery and spiced but not too complex. It appears to be very well balanced and not too heated at all.

Flavor: There is a nice balance of flavor here. The wormwood is up front first leading to other flavors. It is earthy and robust but also simple. At a higher ratio a bit of floral flavor is noted but nothing game changing. It's not weak in flavor at all but it is a tad simple.

Finish: There is a good length to this finish and it sweetens up a lot. The wormwood rounds out the flavor and it numbs the tongue just a bit but not too heavily. Very pleasing and relaxing.

Overall: This is a simple yet deep absinthe. The finish is a high point and the louche is very pretty. This is not complex or surprising in any way but still a very solid offering.

Bottled on Date Sept. 2010.
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1901: Death of the Victorian Era
Overall rating
Color: Clear, olive green, dark, gold, amber, yellow highlights.

Louche: Dark milky green, olive and amber. Thick.

Aroma: Smells like what you’d imagine as an old apothecary elixir. Herbal, chartreuse, spicy, anise, wintergreen, spearmint, lemon zest, medicinal, spirity.

Flavor: Deep, dark and robust. Bitter and dry. Mildly astringent. Herbs are very well blended. Anise is there but does not stand out. There's definitely some wood ageing. Flavors of wood, leather, salt, gin, pine. A bit of juicy fruit when sugar is added. Full creamy mouth-feel.

Finish: Herbs dissipate and leave a zesty bitterness. Salty, leather taste remains. Tongue-numbing. Hint of cough medicine near the end.

Overall: A very complex and interesting absinthe. It is dark, robust and masculine. I really enjoy it but it’s quite intense, not an absinthe I would drink often. For me this is an absinthe I would drink late at night, with candlelight while watching a dark Victorian period piece such as Dracula or Penny Dreadful.
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Jade PF 1901
Overall rating
Natural green, bright and clear color. The louch is slow, and milky green, rising slowly from the bottom like a cloud of smoke, gradually thickening to opaque. After drip the color is pale but unmistakably green, great shading, opaque. The aroma is very smooth and well balanced. Lightly herbal, and manages to blossom very effectively. A smooth balance of creaminess with bite from the base. A soft, lingering numbness follows every sip that rolls over the tongue, without affecting the taste. It has a smooth, well balanced taste.
Overall this is obviously a benchmark absinthe. Well crafted with quality ingredients. It’s worth drinking just to watch the louche, and enjoy the taste. While not my favorite Jade it is a worthy addition.
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Good, but not unbelievable
(Updated: June 13, 2011)
Overall rating
Color: Nice, natural green with hints of gold and amber. It’s a little pale, but not at all unpleasant.

Louche: Beautiful, opalescent louche, very turbulent and rolly. The color is lovely, with pale yellows and turquoise.

Aroma: Somewhat spicy, lightly flowery with something that reminds me of jello mix. Somewhat citrusy, with an earthy dirt scent.

Flavor: The flavor is smooth and very rounded, with a nice wormwood taste. It’s very reminiscent of something but I can’t place just what that something is. It feels familiar, like I’m about to remember something, and then the feeling fades, much like the flavor, disappearing a bit too quick.

Finish: The finish gets very sweet, and lingers for a long while. It feels like it’s going somewhere, but it never quite reaches where it was headed, like a story that trails off.

Overall: I like this absinthe, but it gives me the sensation of nostalgia of something…I just can’t place what that something is…it’s like trying to remember a song or place. It tastes nice, but I wasn’t blown away, and the quality certainly wasn’t leaps and bounds above other absinthes also trying to emulate this style that I’ve tried. It definitely gave me good bearing on the other attempts at the Pernod Fils style absinthes enough to appreciate how near/far they were also able to get to that style. I do feel that either my bottle was not very good or that it’s been a bit too overhyped, as it is not the most incredible absinthe I have ever tasted.

This is from the Sept. 2010 bottling.
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You Won't Be Jaded!
(Updated: September 06, 2011)
Overall rating
I've spent a lot of time trying various ratios, and I've settled on 4:1 for my personal favorite. At less than this, I find the stronger elements overwhelming. With more water however, a sophisticated balance is reached.

Color: Natural, a lovely touch of light peridot green. Crystal clear.

Louche: Trails gave way slowly to clouds whisping up from the bottom in well defined layers. An inviting nice light green and white with flirty copper highlights. A wonderful opalescent louche.

Aroma: lovely, subtle, balanced and delicate. It filled the room as the louche formed. All elements blended so well together I couldn't wait to taste it.

Flavor: Strong earthy wormwood, anise and fennel are in a good balance. This is a masculine yet elegant absinthe. Spice and pepper mingled with a slight earthy flavor.

Finish: Lingering flavor elements build to a peak, pulling gently at you, opening up to a full delicious anise with feathery fading fennel on the exhale. Very very nice.

Overall: This is a solid, well-crafted absinthe. I find one sugar and 5:1 open it up and allow for the more subtle elements to reveal themselves. I've found it takes a bit of aging to be at its best.
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24 results - showing 16 - 20
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