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PF 1901
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Color: PF 1901 is a light green and a bit yellow-gold at the edges. It is very clear and bright. It seems a little too pale but otherwise perfect.

Louche: This has a quick louche and is very active with early oil swirls. There is a nice gradient and also a unique final pop when the louche finishes. It has a nice thickness and is yellow-gold with a apparent translucence when held up to the light.

Aroma: PF 1901 smells a bit flowery and spiced but not too complex. It appears to be very well balanced and not too heated at all.

Flavor: There is a nice balance of flavor here. The wormwood is up front first leading to other flavors. It is earthy and robust but also simple. At a higher ratio a bit of floral flavor is noted but nothing game changing. It's not weak in flavor at all but it is a tad simple.

Finish: There is a good length to this finish and it sweetens up a lot. The wormwood rounds out the flavor and it numbs the tongue just a bit but not too heavily. Very pleasing and relaxing.

Overall: This is a simple yet deep absinthe. The finish is a high point and the louche is very pretty. This is not complex or surprising in any way but still a very solid offering.

Bottled on Date Sept. 2010.
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