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Our Story

America's Premier Absinthe Association & Information Network

The Wormwood Society is a non-profit association focused on providing current, historically and scientifically accurate information about absinthe,  helping to reform the regulations impacting absinthe in the United States and encouraging the responsible enjoyment of a safe, rewarding and historically interesting beverage.

We also provide guidance for spirits industry members who desire to produce and market authentic absinthe in a fair, honest and socially responsible way, including providing historically documented formulas and processes for making absinthe in the true Belle Époque style.

The Wormwood Society started in January 2004 as a casual group hosting local absinthe parties in members’ homes in Seattle, similar to cocktail parties.  The parties began to attract a wider national following and soon people came from all over the country, from as far away as the East Coast and occasionally, Europe.

As interest grew, and after many requests, the doors of the previously private discussion forum were opened to an international audience.  Soon it became apparent that there was a need for an independent voice which could help educate consumers on absinthe history, guide them in their absinthe choices and help them avoid the many inferior and spurious products. The Wormwood Society has grown from a dozen or so members in Seattle in 2004 to over 3000 members worldwide.