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Valentine's Day '08
(Updated: February 14, 2008)
Overall rating
We tried this absinthe on Valentine's Day 2008, and to set the mood lit candles and read from Blackwood's "The Man Whom the Trees Loved."

The color is a perfectly natural-looking light emerald, bright and translucent (5/5). The louche is the most beautiful I have seen, you can really understand why Ted named the company Jade Liqueurs when you hold this absinthe up to candlelight. Its color fades from green in the darkness to yellow-tinged where the light is strongest, and the louching sugar at the bottom of the glass looks like the swirling souls from Fantasia's Night on Bald Mountain (5/5).

I had opened the bottle and recorked it, then let it sit for about a week, and it developed a subtle, mentholish smell, like warm fields after rain. The louche releases the hidden aromas very nicely, yielding an aroma much heavier on the anise and fennel, although the green fairy didn't really "fill up the room" as much as some other brands I have tried, and to really smell it you had to hold the glass up to your nose (4/5).

The taste is finely balanced. There are at least five simultaneous sensations - a subtle anise-fennel sweetness, a distinct and bitter undercurrent of wormwood, something citrusy (perhaps melissa?), something floral (coriander?), and a mouthfeel that I can only describe as crisp and silky (5/5). What really makes this absinthe stand out to me, however, is the finish - there is a crisp bitter dryness in the end that lingers pleasantly, and makes that next sip only partially voluntary (5/5). It all produces a very warm-feeling drunk, when consumed in excess, but for the first time since sampling high-quality absinthe I did not dream.

Having finally tried this absinthe after reading all the rave reviews, it only makes me more eager to go out and try other varieties. After sipping it, the main impression I have is that it is very finely crafted, but it makes me realize that there can be no thing such as a "be all and end all" of absinthes. This is the absinthe to pick if you're looking for something subtle, crisp and delectable, and in that category it scores top marks (5/5). If you're looking for something thick, creamy and more pungently herbal, then you might prefer a different variety.
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Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?
Overall rating
This was the first CO I had the pleasure of sampling, and I have always had at LEAST one unopened bottle in stock since that time. I've loved it since the first taste so hopefully we won't have TOO biased a review.

Color---clear peridot green. A bit of variance from bottle to bottle. Not enough for it to be an issue for me.

Aroma--delicious, the grape base is fairly prominent. After water, opening up and revealing a compelling complexity. Makes the room smell delicious.

Louche--very nice. Fairly quick to form, but still possessed of the theatrical buildup I have come to expect. (Actually this is the stuff that showed me what to expect!) Nice opalescence, green turning to almost white with blue overtones. Amber as well if you look at it right......

Flavor--nicer than very nice. A few things going on, spiciness, floralness, and just a bit of bite. Sweet, but not much like candy--well, not enough to put me off. The aforementioned complexity reaches its full level of compellingness, provoking one to sniff ever deeper. Despite said Complexity, this is one smooth ride. I like to slosh it around in my mouth before swallowing. Nice Mouthfeel, just creamy enough without getting all tonguenumb and heavy.

Finish--long and lingering. Crisp and clean and an invitation to another Glass. I'll have one!

Overall-- This Absinthe is an excellent example of the Distillers' Art. It is like taking a scenic ride in a vintage auto (deusenberg..?) with leather seats and burl wood dashboard thru a verdant valley in full bloom. Buy it, drink it, stockpile it, and then move next to me. In that order.
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PerFection 1901
(Updated: October 31, 2014)
Overall rating
So much has been said about this absinthe - and it's really that good. I'd give Eddy a nudge up on the PF for complexity... but she is still a stunner and deserves the 5 star sweep I'm providing. Serious perfection in a glass.

Mid-2013 bottling.

I had the opportunity to have a glass of this alongside ~1900 Pernod Fils and the similarities are spot on. Not exactly the same, of course... Take out the astringency and woodiness from the pre-ban and BOOM. Astounding.
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My favorite of the Jades
Overall rating
A natural clear forest-green with hints of yellow. The louche is thick and "milky" but not one-dimensional at all, with blue highlights on the rim.

The aroma is rich and creamy, foreshadowing the mouthfeel (which is quite possibly the richest of any absinthe I've tried.) The flavors are creamy and darker-toned -- I can recall one review or forum post saying that the taste is somewhat reminiscent of warm chocolate chip cookies, and there's something uncannily spot on about that observation.

Not only my favorite of all the Jade absinthes, but one of my favorite absinthes of all time.
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My first Jade
(Updated: April 03, 2009)
Overall rating
This taste has been sponsored by a generous sample, louched with slowly dripped, ice cold water and no sugar.

Aroma pre-louche: A nice, smooth blend of wormwood and fennel. Very soft and floral. In the glass the nose is slightly of alcohol, but not unpleasant, with a sweetness that tames it.

Color: Perfect crystal peridot. Very natural. Perfect.

Louche: The water trails dance around very slowly. Much slower than any absinthe I've had previously. This lasts for a minute or so before the whole volume just cascades into complete opalescence, leaving a thing layer at the top that eventually melts away. The aroma is weak during the louche, but provides the room with a cleansing sweetness that is not overpowering but noticeable. The aroma when finished and sniffed right from the rim of the glass is very sweet and well supported from within, if that makes any sense. The color on completion is a perfectly authentic shade of pale, milky jade.

Flavor: First off, the mouth feel is exceptional. Very creamy. At first something very "woody" jumps out, and I presume this might be the best example of a forward wormwood flavor I've had yet. This lingers on the tongue and throughout the mouth as a very subtly sweet character appears and quickly cuts off any hint of bitterness. I find the anise to be only a supporting character here, allowing fennel and wormwood to bring their unique qualities to the front and sit on the tip of the tongue.

Overall: There is something nostalgic about this absinthe. This is the most balanced and well formed absinthe I've had. It really emphasizes the importance of each ingredient to the overall flavor. This is a fantastic absinthe!
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24 results - showing 6 - 10
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