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This was the first CO I had the pleasure of sampling, and I have always had at LEAST one unopened bottle in stock since that time. I've loved it since the first taste so hopefully we won't have TOO biased a review.

Color---clear peridot green. A bit of variance from bottle to bottle. Not enough for it to be an issue for me.

Aroma--delicious, the grape base is fairly prominent. After water, opening up and revealing a compelling complexity. Makes the room smell delicious.

Louche--very nice. Fairly quick to form, but still possessed of the theatrical buildup I have come to expect. (Actually this is the stuff that showed me what to expect!) Nice opalescence, green turning to almost white with blue overtones. Amber as well if you look at it right......

Flavor--nicer than very nice. A few things going on, spiciness, floralness, and just a bit of bite. Sweet, but not much like candy--well, not enough to put me off. The aforementioned complexity reaches its full level of compellingness, provoking one to sniff ever deeper. Despite said Complexity, this is one smooth ride. I like to slosh it around in my mouth before swallowing. Nice Mouthfeel, just creamy enough without getting all tonguenumb and heavy.

Finish--long and lingering. Crisp and clean and an invitation to another Glass. I'll have one!

Overall-- This Absinthe is an excellent example of the Distillers' Art. It is like taking a scenic ride in a vintage auto (deusenberg..?) with leather seats and burl wood dashboard thru a verdant valley in full bloom. Buy it, drink it, stockpile it, and then move next to me. In that order.
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