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Jade PF1901 Review
Overall rating
This is my first review of an absinthe, and I have only had 3 or 4 brands before this consisting of what was available locally. The Jade PF1901 is my first import as well, and I'm satisfied with my decision to order, although it was certainly not inexpensive. I chose the brand as I heard it was a good example of a traditional absinthe flavor, something that I didn't have access to locally.

What first struck me with this absinthe was the aroma, I immediately knew I was in for something different than what I had known so far. Complex, with the anise being very soft yet present, like the canvas for a painting. The wormwood was most noticeable to me as it was a rich smell that was not as prevalent in the other brands I had tried.

The color before louche is a very nice, bright, but natural green. No sediment or cloudiness whatsoever.

The louche was a bit slow in coming but once it finally arrived it was full and appetizing.

The flavor was much more complex and subtle than what I expected. The anise is softer and more mellow than what I've had before, which more easily allows the other flavors to come out. I've yet to identify all of them specifically but together they are a very pleasing and evenly distributed combination.

The mouth feel is nice, and the finish ends with a slight tingling of the tongue.

I rated it a 5 overall, as it was definitely a substantial step above what I have had before. And while I still have somewhat limited experience, Jade PF1901 has definitely changed my perspective on what absinthe in general should taste like.
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Very nearly perfect...
Overall rating
As of this writing, the PF 1901 is the best absinthe I've tasted. To begin, it's a lovely peridot green, very natural and yet a perfect hue and intensity. After water, it becomes a creamy jade green, with hints of amber and blue, and in passing I'll note that the transition is most entertaining to observe. However, it's in the tasting that this absinthe really comes into its own. The aroma is herbal and complex, but also refined and subtle, and the flavor is a perfect balance of spice and the slightest bitterness. The finish is good and slightly numbing. Overall, a delectable spirit -- the best of a very excellent family of absinthes.
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A Jewel of a Jade
Overall rating
It is often said that the crafter of the Jades is attempting to replicate historic Absinthes and Absinthe styles rather than simply crafting a scratch Absinthe for the modern palate. If this is the case, then the PF 1901 is a near masterpiece in my book. Having been lucky enough to sample a pre-ban or two, it is my opinion that no other commercial offering comes closer to the PF 1914.

The color is a beautiful light green that looks as though it could easily age into the dead leaf color of a vintage PF. The louche was the "beauty in a glass" that is expected from all the Jades at this point, wonderful oil trails, good layering, opalescent, etc... The aroma and flavor were very similar to the PF 1914. The flavor components were warm and complex, spicy, floral, minty, with a good strong wormwood finish. Many Absinthes have two to three flavor stages, the PF 1901 has many.

PF 1901 is one of the most solid Absinthes available today. It is not quirky or controversial. Anyone who enjoys Absinthe will like it from the newbie to the Ph.D. Absintheologist.
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Sure, I'll have another
(Updated: September 17, 2009)
Overall rating
The color is a beautiful peridot green. Clear, no sediment

The louche is probably the best I've seen. It starts off with a slow, snow-globe like flurry and the particles begin to explode like fireworks from the bottom of the glass (Ok I just miss the summer time 4th. of July festivities here in the windy city- it's freezing right now)

The anise is not as dominant as in other absinthes I've enjoyed. I love the aroma. I really get the fennel and I get this Italian sausage reminder when I smell it. Is it room filling? No I don’t think so but I don’t have a sensitive nose either.

The anise is slightly more in the forefront during tasting- along with a delicate arrangement of fennel & wormwood. I totally get the "baby powder" thing too! I like that. Pretty creamy mouthfeel. Just right.

The finish is quite similar to the flavor. It then dies down to some tongue numbing; just enough to remind you that you're drinking booze. I really get coriander on the finish as well. The finish may be a tad quick. I love the flavors that linger in this after indulging- I wish it would last longer.

Overall, I'd like to say that after getting this, I get home from work on a Friday night, started to pour and it made my week. This puts a big smile on my face. Quality

I’m still developing my palette for absinthe; I’ve tried about six decent brands so far. The tastings were enjoyed with 3 parts water and a half sugar cube.

Update: 9/17/09

I just cracked open another bottle of this and there may be some aging improvement from my first bottle. The aroma is a lot more tobacco-like and chocolaty/vanilla like a crème brulee. No difference that I can tell from the taste. Still #1 in my book, even after the other 14 or so absinthes I’ve tried. No change in scoring.
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My favorite of the Jades
Overall rating
From the bottle the PF 1901 pours a sharp, clear, light spring green. No discernable sediment or haze whatsoever. A slow icewater drip swirls into wonderfully thick oil trails, which appear almost suspended midstream until overtaken by the louche rising from below. The louche itself, while not spectacular, builds well -- pale green, with transients of blue and gold, as it fills the glass. The pre-dilution aroma is evocative of wet tree roots and beckons with earthy tarragon and marjoram, along with hints of allspice. After water the aroma relinquishes floral notes, and additional nuances of vanilla and dry mustard unfold. A 4:1 dilution, no sugar, yields a mellow and rich mouth, not too watery, and not tongue-numbing at all. The first sip is where it all comes to life for me, however, with the requisite sweet anise and fresh wormwood at the fore, smooth citrus filling in, and more of that dry herbal tarragon and marjoram emerging at the end. Just beautiful. The wormwood is deeply entrenched, and hangs on the tongue long after the glass is finished. Even so, one is left with no choice but to drip another immediately, so that one may continue the experience well past one's bedtime. This is by far my favorite of the Jades.
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24 results - showing 11 - 15
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