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A Jewel of a Jade
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It is often said that the crafter of the Jades is attempting to replicate historic Absinthes and Absinthe styles rather than simply crafting a scratch Absinthe for the modern palate. If this is the case, then the PF 1901 is a near masterpiece in my book. Having been lucky enough to sample a pre-ban or two, it is my opinion that no other commercial offering comes closer to the PF 1914.

The color is a beautiful light green that looks as though it could easily age into the dead leaf color of a vintage PF. The louche was the "beauty in a glass" that is expected from all the Jades at this point, wonderful oil trails, good layering, opalescent, etc... The aroma and flavor were very similar to the PF 1914. The flavor components were warm and complex, spicy, floral, minty, with a good strong wormwood finish. Many Absinthes have two to three flavor stages, the PF 1901 has many.

PF 1901 is one of the most solid Absinthes available today. It is not quirky or controversial. Anyone who enjoys Absinthe will like it from the newbie to the Ph.D. Absintheologist.
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