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(Updated: September 17, 2009)
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The color is a beautiful peridot green. Clear, no sediment

The louche is probably the best I've seen. It starts off with a slow, snow-globe like flurry and the particles begin to explode like fireworks from the bottom of the glass (Ok I just miss the summer time 4th. of July festivities here in the windy city- it's freezing right now)

The anise is not as dominant as in other absinthes I've enjoyed. I love the aroma. I really get the fennel and I get this Italian sausage reminder when I smell it. Is it room filling? No I don’t think so but I don’t have a sensitive nose either.

The anise is slightly more in the forefront during tasting- along with a delicate arrangement of fennel & wormwood. I totally get the "baby powder" thing too! I like that. Pretty creamy mouthfeel. Just right.

The finish is quite similar to the flavor. It then dies down to some tongue numbing; just enough to remind you that you're drinking booze. I really get coriander on the finish as well. The finish may be a tad quick. I love the flavors that linger in this after indulging- I wish it would last longer.

Overall, I'd like to say that after getting this, I get home from work on a Friday night, started to pour and it made my week. This puts a big smile on my face. Quality

I’m still developing my palette for absinthe; I’ve tried about six decent brands so far. The tastings were enjoyed with 3 parts water and a half sugar cube.

Update: 9/17/09

I just cracked open another bottle of this and there may be some aging improvement from my first bottle. The aroma is a lot more tobacco-like and chocolaty/vanilla like a crème brulee. No difference that I can tell from the taste. Still #1 in my book, even after the other 14 or so absinthes I’ve tried. No change in scoring.
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