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Good, but not unbelievable
(Updated: June 13, 2011)
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Color: Nice, natural green with hints of gold and amber. It’s a little pale, but not at all unpleasant.

Louche: Beautiful, opalescent louche, very turbulent and rolly. The color is lovely, with pale yellows and turquoise.

Aroma: Somewhat spicy, lightly flowery with something that reminds me of jello mix. Somewhat citrusy, with an earthy dirt scent.

Flavor: The flavor is smooth and very rounded, with a nice wormwood taste. It’s very reminiscent of something but I can’t place just what that something is. It feels familiar, like I’m about to remember something, and then the feeling fades, much like the flavor, disappearing a bit too quick.

Finish: The finish gets very sweet, and lingers for a long while. It feels like it’s going somewhere, but it never quite reaches where it was headed, like a story that trails off.

Overall: I like this absinthe, but it gives me the sensation of nostalgia of something…I just can’t place what that something is…it’s like trying to remember a song or place. It tastes nice, but I wasn’t blown away, and the quality certainly wasn’t leaps and bounds above other absinthes also trying to emulate this style that I’ve tried. It definitely gave me good bearing on the other attempts at the Pernod Fils style absinthes enough to appreciate how near/far they were also able to get to that style. I do feel that either my bottle was not very good or that it’s been a bit too overhyped, as it is not the most incredible absinthe I have ever tasted.

This is from the Sept. 2010 bottling.
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