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1901: Death of the Victorian Era
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Color: Clear, olive green, dark, gold, amber, yellow highlights.

Louche: Dark milky green, olive and amber. Thick.

Aroma: Smells like what you’d imagine as an old apothecary elixir. Herbal, chartreuse, spicy, anise, wintergreen, spearmint, lemon zest, medicinal, spirity.

Flavor: Deep, dark and robust. Bitter and dry. Mildly astringent. Herbs are very well blended. Anise is there but does not stand out. There's definitely some wood ageing. Flavors of wood, leather, salt, gin, pine. A bit of juicy fruit when sugar is added. Full creamy mouth-feel.

Finish: Herbs dissipate and leave a zesty bitterness. Salty, leather taste remains. Tongue-numbing. Hint of cough medicine near the end.

Overall: A very complex and interesting absinthe. It is dark, robust and masculine. I really enjoy it but it’s quite intense, not an absinthe I would drink often. For me this is an absinthe I would drink late at night, with candlelight while watching a dark Victorian period piece such as Dracula or Penny Dreadful.
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