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You Won't Be Jaded!
(Updated: September 06, 2011)
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I've spent a lot of time trying various ratios, and I've settled on 4:1 for my personal favorite. At less than this, I find the stronger elements overwhelming. With more water however, a sophisticated balance is reached.

Color: Natural, a lovely touch of light peridot green. Crystal clear.

Louche: Trails gave way slowly to clouds whisping up from the bottom in well defined layers. An inviting nice light green and white with flirty copper highlights. A wonderful opalescent louche.

Aroma: lovely, subtle, balanced and delicate. It filled the room as the louche formed. All elements blended so well together I couldn't wait to taste it.

Flavor: Strong earthy wormwood, anise and fennel are in a good balance. This is a masculine yet elegant absinthe. Spice and pepper mingled with a slight earthy flavor.

Finish: Lingering flavor elements build to a peak, pulling gently at you, opening up to a full delicious anise with feathery fading fennel on the exhale. Very very nice.

Overall: This is a solid, well-crafted absinthe. I find one sugar and 5:1 open it up and allow for the more subtle elements to reveal themselves. I've found it takes a bit of aging to be at its best.
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