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Overall rating
Appearance: A somewhat unappealing olive oil color, not cloudy, but also not particularly clear.

Louche: Stays a green color with deep reds and oranges but it seems a little dingy. I would consider this to be just the right thickness,

Aroma: Sweet, minty, cool and floral, with something medicinal lurking if breathed too deeply...whatever this element may be is very nearly masked.

Flavor: The flavor is somewhat bitter and it seems as though the herbs were old and dusty, particularly the wormwood flavor. There's something flowery here, but it's hidden behind the seemingly poor herb quality.

Finish: EXTRA sour and mouth-watering, and very tingly and warm in the throat.

Overall: I wouldn't say that this absinthe is particularly bad or unpleasant, it's just not very remarkable or nuanced as it could be. I feel like if I had gotten this absinthe as my first, I could have gone either direction when deciding if I should try other absinthes or give up the hunt here.
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Has Possibilities
Overall rating
Appearance: A clear and burnt topaz with a dark green hue. Definitely a little too dark.

Louche: The color had me expecting worse but there is an impressive translucency to this absinthe. There is still quite a bit of color left but the translucent to opaque ratio is pretty good.

Aroma: Smells well balanced if a bit odd. Some sort of musky wine smell as well as bandage. There's also some nice notes of mint and citrus.

Flavor: Fruity and musky. If they are using a brandy base it comes across way too strong. The fruitiness dominates and shoves the absinthe trinity into the background. I'd recognize this as an absinthe but definitely not a usual one.

Finish: Some spicy notes and bitterness begin to appear in the finish helping the flavor out a bit.

Overall: This tastes pretty good but it is not something I'd reach for if I wanted absinthe. However I could see some interesting cocktail use with this brand.
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Well Made Absinthe. Tasty, Different
(Updated: March 09, 2010)
Overall rating
Color was a bit dark yellow/brown olive oil. Clear and clean, no sediment

The louche started very nicely with thick defined trails, building to a nice smoky cloud from the bottom. From there it went quickly to a nice finish at 3:1

Aroma pre-louche was not strong. I had to hunt for elements, and mostly noticed a subtle background of anise, a light grassiness and some alcohol. Louched, it improved a bit and I noticed a more herbals. Fresh and clean, but not as room filling or 3-D as I'd have liked.

Flavor is interesting and tasty. Wormwood is right up front with a subtle and tasty anise. A light spiciness, kiss of pine perhaps, and a suggestion rosemary or sage. Quite nice and drinkable.

Finish was solid. Many elements to it, perhaps the strong point of this absinthe. The spiciness lingered for a long time. Other elements faded more quickly.

Overall I'd say this right in there with the nice solid mid-priced decent absinthes. The flavor is unique and good enough, that I'd consider buying a bottle.
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Time to restock
(Updated: May 13, 2009)
Overall rating
This tasting occured in April with a bottle purchased in March. The batch # is 18.

Color- Similar to an olive oil & slightly lighter then La Coquette when looking at both side by side. No sediment in this bottle. I like the natural look.

Louche- Slight trails, slow to develop but once it does it reaches opacity fast. The most intriguing louche occured with a fast fountain drip of ice cold water.

Aroma- Alpine, very gin-like. Fennel and anise in the background. Kinda simple for my taste.

Flavor- Again, alpine and gin-like. Wormwood is front and center. Anise shows up here and there. Citrus notes as well. It tastes like juniper was mixed with melissa. Very tasty, if just a tad unbalanced.

Finish- Similar to the flavor but much more flowery/fruity. It really opens up and shows more complexity then the flavor. My favorite part of this absinthe!

Overall- Decent verte. Tasty and available locally here in the windy city. Give this some time to air out though; initial tastings were too gin-like as others here have noted. They subdued in a week or so of continuous opening/drinking! Time to purchase a few more bottles....
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An interesting, palate-opening offering.
(Updated: March 31, 2009)
Overall rating
This is my blind tasting review from September, 2008. No sugar, carafe pour, tasted the same night as the blind sample of La Clandestine. Before that evening I had tasted Lucid, Kubler and Leopold Verte, #s 8 & 10.

Color: Light green with a tint of brown. Pleasant, natural-looking. After louche, a yellowish tinge to the opacity.

Louche: Billows, comes on fast, ends more quickly than expected. Green/brown line @ meniscus disappeared at 2:1, and since I've over-watered a few recently, I stopped there.

Aroma: Some pine, floral, even a slight medicinal note (though this was stronger before the louche). The herbs I'm familiar with were commingling quite nicely.

Flavor: Sweetness at first, then bitterness, with the bitterness taking over later. Close to well-balanced between the two.

Finish: Some numbing. Bitterness hangs on in the back of the throat, with the sweetness sticking around more to the fore. Light creaminess.

Overall: I'm looking forward to having my second glass of this verte with sugar, to compare and contrast the experiences. Even with the few absinthes under my belt, I would say this is a solid absinthe with the wormwood flavor dialed up a notch or two away from "well-balanced."

Like with my Lucid review, I scored all the categories from my impressions at the time, and scored the overall with hindsight. I really enjoyed this drink then, and still do, though then my overall may have been a 4. The overall now would be a 3.5, because I feel I have a better handle on what I enjoy in an absinthe. Today I would gladly drink this over Lucid and even Duplais Verte (review TK), with it just edging out Kubler on my "list."
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