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(Updated: May 13, 2009)
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This tasting occured in April with a bottle purchased in March. The batch # is 18.

Color- Similar to an olive oil & slightly lighter then La Coquette when looking at both side by side. No sediment in this bottle. I like the natural look.

Louche- Slight trails, slow to develop but once it does it reaches opacity fast. The most intriguing louche occured with a fast fountain drip of ice cold water.

Aroma- Alpine, very gin-like. Fennel and anise in the background. Kinda simple for my taste.

Flavor- Again, alpine and gin-like. Wormwood is front and center. Anise shows up here and there. Citrus notes as well. It tastes like juniper was mixed with melissa. Very tasty, if just a tad unbalanced.

Finish- Similar to the flavor but much more flowery/fruity. It really opens up and shows more complexity then the flavor. My favorite part of this absinthe!

Overall- Decent verte. Tasty and available locally here in the windy city. Give this some time to air out though; initial tastings were too gin-like as others here have noted. They subdued in a week or so of continuous opening/drinking! Time to purchase a few more bottles....
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