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Appearance: A clear and burnt topaz with a dark green hue. Definitely a little too dark.

Louche: The color had me expecting worse but there is an impressive translucency to this absinthe. There is still quite a bit of color left but the translucent to opaque ratio is pretty good.

Aroma: Smells well balanced if a bit odd. Some sort of musky wine smell as well as bandage. There's also some nice notes of mint and citrus.

Flavor: Fruity and musky. If they are using a brandy base it comes across way too strong. The fruitiness dominates and shoves the absinthe trinity into the background. I'd recognize this as an absinthe but definitely not a usual one.

Finish: Some spicy notes and bitterness begin to appear in the finish helping the flavor out a bit.

Overall: This tastes pretty good but it is not something I'd reach for if I wanted absinthe. However I could see some interesting cocktail use with this brand.
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