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Well Made Absinthe. Tasty, Different
(Updated: March 09, 2010)
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Color was a bit dark yellow/brown olive oil. Clear and clean, no sediment

The louche started very nicely with thick defined trails, building to a nice smoky cloud from the bottom. From there it went quickly to a nice finish at 3:1

Aroma pre-louche was not strong. I had to hunt for elements, and mostly noticed a subtle background of anise, a light grassiness and some alcohol. Louched, it improved a bit and I noticed a more herbals. Fresh and clean, but not as room filling or 3-D as I'd have liked.

Flavor is interesting and tasty. Wormwood is right up front with a subtle and tasty anise. A light spiciness, kiss of pine perhaps, and a suggestion rosemary or sage. Quite nice and drinkable.

Finish was solid. Many elements to it, perhaps the strong point of this absinthe. The spiciness lingered for a long time. Other elements faded more quickly.

Overall I'd say this right in there with the nice solid mid-priced decent absinthes. The flavor is unique and good enough, that I'd consider buying a bottle.
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