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Appearance: A somewhat unappealing olive oil color, not cloudy, but also not particularly clear.

Louche: Stays a green color with deep reds and oranges but it seems a little dingy. I would consider this to be just the right thickness,

Aroma: Sweet, minty, cool and floral, with something medicinal lurking if breathed too deeply...whatever this element may be is very nearly masked.

Flavor: The flavor is somewhat bitter and it seems as though the herbs were old and dusty, particularly the wormwood flavor. There's something flowery here, but it's hidden behind the seemingly poor herb quality.

Finish: EXTRA sour and mouth-watering, and very tingly and warm in the throat.

Overall: I wouldn't say that this absinthe is particularly bad or unpleasant, it's just not very remarkable or nuanced as it could be. I feel like if I had gotten this absinthe as my first, I could have gone either direction when deciding if I should try other absinthes or give up the hunt here.
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