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Cinnamon...Let Me Out!
(Updated: December 30, 2007)
Overall rating
This absinthe kinda grew on me in one time, I was really keen on its hyper-citric, and cinnamon-laced uniqueness, but eventually, these wore out their welcome, and it became less, and less often my absinthe of choice.

The louche is fine, and I can't quibble with the color, but the aroma and flavor are just too heavily reliant on that Austrian cinnamon quality, and it's just not as absinthe-like as I'd's a great remedy for gum infections, though!
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Full Monty
(Updated: January 06, 2011)
Overall rating
Color- Dark peridot that is very vibrant- no sediment but there is just a hint of haze

Louche- Slow transition to a louche. Rather weak. Ends in green and gold refractions with light blue streaks.

Aroma- Wormwood & spice, some vanilla and mint. Very medicinal rather than herbaceous. I can’t detect much anise or fennel. Hints of Chinese five spice as well.

Flavor- Wormwood, flowery citrus and baking spices. Again, it appears to be missing some anise and fennel. All of these flavors come together to remind me of Angostura bitters.

Finish- Lingering wormwood, spice. At the same time the finish is soft and fruity. Very nice.

Overall- Enjoyable, even though the absinthe doesn’t take on a traditional profile. I can enjoy the idiosyncrasies and still know I’m actually drinking absinthe. I’m thinking this would be best consumed around the holidays due to the spicy attributes.
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Monty Deuxieme Edition: Petroleum base?
(Updated: March 12, 2009)
Overall rating
Deuxieme Edition bottle opened 2/18/09, sugared sample reviewed 2/20/09, unsugared review sampled 3/11/09.

The color in the glass is a very light emerald, mildly attractive. The nose pre-louche is maple syrup and cinnamon with an alcohol backer. It louches up nicely, with good layering and "oil trails", fully louched by 1.5:1. Tasting at that point revealed that the alcohol was much too strong, so I continued watering it before consuming.

The first taste at 3.5:1 left a strong note of petroleum, both in the nose and on the tongue. It tastes strongly like Ronson brand lighter fluid smells. It's highly unpleasant. The finish is tart and oily on the sides of the tongue.

As a control, I made sure that the water and ice I'd used to louche were not compromised in any way. They tasted fine on their own, totally neutral. Can you tell I don't like this edition? The two samples were consistent tasting, both with and without sugar.

On a side note, I found that the cork was darkened by the absinthe about 0.25" (1cm) in from the bottom. Perhaps this bottle was stored on its side prior to shipping, and I am experiencing the effects of cork ruin. I will revisit this review after more exploration.
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Liquid cake
(Updated: July 07, 2009)
Overall rating
While in Switzerland I have had the opportunity of trying 1st Montmartre and 2nd Montmartre editions.

Whereas the 1st was highly idiosyncratic, 2nd one was better, yet not that good.

Colour is very pale and weak since absinthe is 65%, it is a serious flaw. Louche is very quick, thanks to badiane, yet not that tragic-not too quick.

Aroma is not bad, but not absinthe akin at all, it smells like freshly baked very spicy cake. Flavour is dull, slightly spicy with accentuated coriander and some unusual notes. The rest is not interesting. Although i liked 2nd than 1st edition, I am far from calling it a really good product. It is drinkable, interesting but owning to its idiosyncracity it is still some very unusual absinthe in the making.
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A gateway to good Absinthe
Overall rating
When I decided a year or so ago to experience absinthe, my choices here in Greece were quite limited. Czech Absinths on the one hand, which I found quite horrible. My first experience with "true" absinthe was Absente, which was many links above the Czech swill in the food chain, but still quite unsatisfying: the anise was overwhelming, it tasted very much like ouzo - pretty anticlimactic. I was about to give up on absinthe altogether, until one happy day I ran across Montmartre. Compared to Absente, it was like leaving a black and white medicine cabinet and entering an enchanted technicolor forest of herbs and spices. Complete with green fairies.

I have since tried other, and oftentimes better, absinthes, but Montmartre has a special place in my heart as it is the first good Absinthe I have tried. Its color and louche are absolutely first class. The aroma is a bit overwhelming, and could be too floral for many, but it does have a richness that is hard to beat. And several hidden surprising undertones to boot. What I enjoyed (and still enjoy) is Montmartre's finish, which is a pleasant reminder of having enjoyed a superior drink :)
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8 results - showing 1 - 5
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