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Full Monty
(Updated: January 06, 2011)
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Color- Dark peridot that is very vibrant- no sediment but there is just a hint of haze

Louche- Slow transition to a louche. Rather weak. Ends in green and gold refractions with light blue streaks.

Aroma- Wormwood & spice, some vanilla and mint. Very medicinal rather than herbaceous. I can’t detect much anise or fennel. Hints of Chinese five spice as well.

Flavor- Wormwood, flowery citrus and baking spices. Again, it appears to be missing some anise and fennel. All of these flavors come together to remind me of Angostura bitters.

Finish- Lingering wormwood, spice. At the same time the finish is soft and fruity. Very nice.

Overall- Enjoyable, even though the absinthe doesn’t take on a traditional profile. I can enjoy the idiosyncrasies and still know I’m actually drinking absinthe. I’m thinking this would be best consumed around the holidays due to the spicy attributes.
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