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Liquid cake
(Updated: July 07, 2009)
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While in Switzerland I have had the opportunity of trying 1st Montmartre and 2nd Montmartre editions.

Whereas the 1st was highly idiosyncratic, 2nd one was better, yet not that good.

Colour is very pale and weak since absinthe is 65%, it is a serious flaw. Louche is very quick, thanks to badiane, yet not that tragic-not too quick.

Aroma is not bad, but not absinthe akin at all, it smells like freshly baked very spicy cake. Flavour is dull, slightly spicy with accentuated coriander and some unusual notes. The rest is not interesting. Although i liked 2nd than 1st edition, I am far from calling it a really good product. It is drinkable, interesting but owning to its idiosyncracity it is still some very unusual absinthe in the making.
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