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Monty Deuxieme Edition: Petroleum base?
(Updated: March 12, 2009)
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Deuxieme Edition bottle opened 2/18/09, sugared sample reviewed 2/20/09, unsugared review sampled 3/11/09.

The color in the glass is a very light emerald, mildly attractive. The nose pre-louche is maple syrup and cinnamon with an alcohol backer. It louches up nicely, with good layering and "oil trails", fully louched by 1.5:1. Tasting at that point revealed that the alcohol was much too strong, so I continued watering it before consuming.

The first taste at 3.5:1 left a strong note of petroleum, both in the nose and on the tongue. It tastes strongly like Ronson brand lighter fluid smells. It's highly unpleasant. The finish is tart and oily on the sides of the tongue.

As a control, I made sure that the water and ice I'd used to louche were not compromised in any way. They tasted fine on their own, totally neutral. Can you tell I don't like this edition? The two samples were consistent tasting, both with and without sugar.

On a side note, I found that the cork was darkened by the absinthe about 0.25" (1cm) in from the bottom. Perhaps this bottle was stored on its side prior to shipping, and I am experiencing the effects of cork ruin. I will revisit this review after more exploration.
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