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2012 Sample: Pleasant Surprise
(Updated: May 03, 2013)
Overall rating
Before Water:
Very attractive and natural medium gem green.

After Water:
Louched glass presents a nice light green-olive color.

Good action, maybe on the quick side initially but the clear line stayed awhile. Final louche is on the thicker side.

Before Water:
Pleasantly strong herbaceous and flowery citrus aroma. The punch of herbal notes reminds me a little of Helfrich Verte.

After Water:
More of the same with a little cinnamon and perhaps menthol.

-Flavor and Mouthfeel-
Very enjoyable and well balanced flavor, again with herbaceous and citric notes being in the forefront with a serving of sweetness. There is a bit of cinnamon spice and perhaps a little star anise- but not enough to annoy me as it usually does. Mouthfeel is neither thick nor thin, I’d it’s about right until the finish.

The citrus and wormwood bitterness are the primaries in the finish with the pinch of cinnamon becoming a bit spicier. The tongue numbing is a bit excessive and just slightly annoying, but thankfully the star anise seems to have been used sparingly.

Having heard that the Montmartre had declined in quality in recent years, I was very pleasantly surprised by this sample (ABSINTHEXPLORE sample from The only detractor was the star anise, but unless you can’t stand badiane in any amount, I don’t think it’ll spoil the drink for too many folks. If what I tasted is what’s in the full bottles currently available for purchase, I’d say it’s worth having in your absinthe stash.

Notes: 3.5:1, iced brouille.
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Second formulation, no cinnamon.
Overall rating
(This review is of the second formulation, which did not contain the cinnamon overtones which many describe in this absinthe.)

A nice light olive green absinthe, with a mild sweet nose upon opening. Louches well, to a semi-opaque opalescent finish reminiscent of the lighter forms of Chinese Jade. The flavour is much more complex than other absinthes I have tasted, definitely one of my favorites so far. The fennel is slightly less prominent than the anise, with the wormwood being a full flavour without the bitterness. There is a slight citrussy flavour to it, orange or perhaps grapefruit in origion. Very light in it's alcoholic bite, I was able to have a water:absinthe dilution ratio of just about 1:1 without sacrificing enjoyment, this could possibly even be drunk neat if so desired.
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A gateway to good Absinthe
Overall rating
When I decided a year or so ago to experience absinthe, my choices here in Greece were quite limited. Czech Absinths on the one hand, which I found quite horrible. My first experience with "true" absinthe was Absente, which was many links above the Czech swill in the food chain, but still quite unsatisfying: the anise was overwhelming, it tasted very much like ouzo - pretty anticlimactic. I was about to give up on absinthe altogether, until one happy day I ran across Montmartre. Compared to Absente, it was like leaving a black and white medicine cabinet and entering an enchanted technicolor forest of herbs and spices. Complete with green fairies.

I have since tried other, and oftentimes better, absinthes, but Montmartre has a special place in my heart as it is the first good Absinthe I have tried. Its color and louche are absolutely first class. The aroma is a bit overwhelming, and could be too floral for many, but it does have a richness that is hard to beat. And several hidden surprising undertones to boot. What I enjoyed (and still enjoy) is Montmartre's finish, which is a pleasant reminder of having enjoyed a superior drink :)
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Cinnamon...Let Me Out!
(Updated: December 30, 2007)
Overall rating
This absinthe kinda grew on me in one time, I was really keen on its hyper-citric, and cinnamon-laced uniqueness, but eventually, these wore out their welcome, and it became less, and less often my absinthe of choice.

The louche is fine, and I can't quibble with the color, but the aroma and flavor are just too heavily reliant on that Austrian cinnamon quality, and it's just not as absinthe-like as I'd's a great remedy for gum infections, though!
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