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Excellent 'everyday' absinthe
Overall rating
with & without sugar, 3.5:1 water ratio

Color: I have no idea how they achieved this coloration naturally - I know there has been some speculation, but the label says natural. It doesn't seem to be of this world - it's like a jewel... perfect.

Louche: Again the color is great - like lime colored opaline, and the louche begins early and strong but dies quickly - doesn't build quite enough, though

Aroma: Very Fresh alpine scent, wormwood and Anise. The un-louched aroma smells strong, but sweet.

Taste: There is a bit of a sharp, alcohol bite present without sugar that I am not fond of. I am spoiled with the more complex Absinthe out there now with more floral/other herbal notes. Looking at the positive side, it is classic tasting and good nevertheless. It's better with sugar in my opinion - adds more balance.

Finish: Medium mouth feel... the taste does not linger - it is pretty basic, but classy.

Overall: I like this Absinthe - I'd put it around the level of Vieux Carre. The color is its most stunning attribute. Great example of a 'first absinthe' suggestion.
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Why yes, Duplais I will
Overall rating
Appearance neat was a beautiful forest green. Very alive. Turning to a perfect example of Jade with the addition of cold water.

Louche erupted as whisps of smoke billowing into an ocean of cotton to an opalescent Jade by 4/1. A translucent beauty of olive, gold and copper with blue green tinges

Aroma neat was spicy hot. At 3/1 suprisingly light. By 4/1 the Duplais verte opened up into a nice strong pleasant minty wormwood
jewel. Very close to awesomeness.

Flavor is Crisp and clean. Reminds me of swimming in the creek in early march. Lots of stout and tasty wormwood blended perfectly with the right amount of herbal goodnesss. Minty,sweet and clean. A robust absinthe favorable to my palate.

Finish lingers like a crisp dry mountain breeze. Very pleasant with a lingering dryness which just make you want to take another sip.

Overall I find the Duplais verte very appealing. Complex and interesting, and very wormwood forward with balance and flair. Would reccomend to anyone who likes the Ridge Verte or Marteau.
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Really Good Duplais for USA
(Updated: January 05, 2013)
Overall rating
Color: a lovely natural medium emerald green.

Louche: Thick trails and jellies with a slow, steady build of smokey wisps from the bottom up. Clear thick layers vanishing right at the very end at 4:1. Were it a bit thinner and less opaque, I'd have given it a 5. Lovely shade of green.

Aroma: Mostly an inviting sweet anise and light herbal aroma, with a touch of alcohol prior to the louche. During the formation of the louche, it filled the room with the same character.

Flavor: I love this flavor. A nice strong, crisp wormwood followed by tasty anise and fennel. Delicious. Melissa and coriander let you know they are there with a bright citrus and light white pepper. Creamy mouthfeel. My only minor complaint is it has a bit of heat, and requires a bit more water than I typically use. I may have gone to 5 here but for the heat.

Finish: Wonderful finish. Long and lingering. The wormwood fades to anise and fennel, then the light citrus and powdery edges fade ever so nicely allowing one to savor between sips.

Overall: I am a sucker for Duplais absinthe. I LOVE it's more delicate sister "Balance", and elegant brother A.O. Spare, but am so glad to have found this Duplais offering that I can get right here in the USA. I like the stronger flavor profile a lot.
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Objectively okay, but not my thing
(Updated: July 26, 2009)
Overall rating
From tastings done over the course of the four months this bottle has been open, some with sugar, some without. All carafe pours.

Color: I really like the color of the Duplais; just a shade lighter and it would be a 5 for me.

Louche: I saw gradients, billowing, a well-defined line, though it all ended before 2:1. Still, a nice show while it lasted.

Aroma: All the familiar components are there. There is a freshness to it, kind of like the green fleshy stalk of a plant when it's still young, but it will soon become a more woody stem.

Flavor: I can objectively say that all the appropriate elements are here, but to my palate there is a sharpness I can't get past. These sharp edges need some polishing, even after four months of the bottle being open. It's as if the flavors are still not integrated together.

Finish: The sharpness carries over into the finish, which forces me to 3 the Duplais her, too.

Overall: This is an absinthe that has everything in the right place, but they could be more aesthetically pleasing. It's like a well-arranged living room but the color scheme is a little off for me.

(Incorrectly posted in the European version's section, moved here.)
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4 results - showing 1 - 4