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Excellent 'everyday' absinthe
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with & without sugar, 3.5:1 water ratio

Color: I have no idea how they achieved this coloration naturally - I know there has been some speculation, but the label says natural. It doesn't seem to be of this world - it's like a jewel... perfect.

Louche: Again the color is great - like lime colored opaline, and the louche begins early and strong but dies quickly - doesn't build quite enough, though

Aroma: Very Fresh alpine scent, wormwood and Anise. The un-louched aroma smells strong, but sweet.

Taste: There is a bit of a sharp, alcohol bite present without sugar that I am not fond of. I am spoiled with the more complex Absinthe out there now with more floral/other herbal notes. Looking at the positive side, it is classic tasting and good nevertheless. It's better with sugar in my opinion - adds more balance.

Finish: Medium mouth feel... the taste does not linger - it is pretty basic, but classy.

Overall: I like this Absinthe - I'd put it around the level of Vieux Carre. The color is its most stunning attribute. Great example of a 'first absinthe' suggestion.
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