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Why yes, Duplais I will
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Appearance neat was a beautiful forest green. Very alive. Turning to a perfect example of Jade with the addition of cold water.

Louche erupted as whisps of smoke billowing into an ocean of cotton to an opalescent Jade by 4/1. A translucent beauty of olive, gold and copper with blue green tinges

Aroma neat was spicy hot. At 3/1 suprisingly light. By 4/1 the Duplais verte opened up into a nice strong pleasant minty wormwood
jewel. Very close to awesomeness.

Flavor is Crisp and clean. Reminds me of swimming in the creek in early march. Lots of stout and tasty wormwood blended perfectly with the right amount of herbal goodnesss. Minty,sweet and clean. A robust absinthe favorable to my palate.

Finish lingers like a crisp dry mountain breeze. Very pleasant with a lingering dryness which just make you want to take another sip.

Overall I find the Duplais verte very appealing. Complex and interesting, and very wormwood forward with balance and flair. Would reccomend to anyone who likes the Ridge Verte or Marteau.
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