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Rhapsody in Green
(Updated: March 28, 2011)
Overall rating
Color: A really vibrant lime-green shade of peridot neat.

Louched, much of the green is retained, but there are also hints of copper and blue, giving this absinthe the delightful touch of a Brutalist sculpture by Paul Evans. The louche unfolds with rolling fog banks, and just the right touch of opalescence, and is wonderfully dense, contributing to a creamy, luxurious mouthfeel.

Aroma: Neat, there is almost no hint of harsh alcohol, and a fully developed array of fruity anise and fennel, a wonderful peppery spiciness, and a definite refined blast of minty Pontarlier wormwood.

Louched, this symphonic wonder opens up and fills a room with a perfumed alpine garden that I wish was available in an aroma therapy candle.

Flavor and Finish: As impeccably balanced as the aroma, the flavor is remarkably complex with fruity anise and fennel at first, followed by a very spicy and peppery sensation that is, at the same time, perfumy (almost in the manner of L'Italienne, but more rounded), and the finish is redolent of minty, almost candied Pontarlier wormwood. There's also a very lengthy aftertaste of a touch of semi-dry mead blended with a dash of Juicy Fruit gum. It's a very lingering denouement, and one's palate is left with a sprightly, extremely pleasurable tingling sensation.

Overall: This stunning work of art has eclipsed every absinthe I've tasted, even the best pre-bans. This probably has to do with the freshness, and immediacy of the flavor. Like those pre-bans, I definitely get a textural and slight, positive flavor enhancement from a clearly well chosen wine alcohol base. I concur with Brian that this is a very masculine absinthe, but the bright perfuminess also contributes a playful side that could be just as appealing to women.

This is one of the few absinthes that I consider it no less than an honor to sip and savor.
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An excellent absinthe
Overall rating
Straight from the bottle the color is a very natural, deep green color, very leafy, and transparent.

The louche begins with oil trails that are easily visible. It builds out nicely around 1:1 and 2:1. Around 3:1 I noticed it started to thin out and is a little transparent at 4:1 and 4.5:1. It's thinner than I like and that's the only flaw I really have with this absinthe.

Pre-watered aroma is very herbal and clearly an absinthe. It is very reminiscent of the Jades. After water has been added the aroma is more subtle, but notes of wormwood and anise are there. Very nice aroma before and after water.

The flavor is very complex, and suave. Berthe de Joux has a very good wormwood flavor, and the rest of standard absinthe herbs are there was well. I'd call it suave, subtle and reserved. There is some baby powder flavor in this absinthe. It's not over done, but it's noticeable.

There are nice notes of melissa and baby powder on the finish. There are some root like undertones on the finish as well...almost like ginger. Very nice.

This is a very good absinthe, but a little bit reserved. It's very complex and expertly balanced, no flavor really jumps out and dominates more than any others. I think it'd be great everyday, and it's a good standard for defining what absinthe should taste like.
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Pernot can make a verte! Yay!
(Updated: November 05, 2010)
Overall rating
Nice green with yellowish tinge. Reveals a decent and proper colouration what was not always the case as regards Emile Pernot products.


Delicate louche, at 1:1 leaving an unlouched layer. Green and opalescent. Not too whitish. Opaque enough


Fragrant melissa and Pontarlier, non-mistaken, wormwood. Aroma is very fruity and clean. It has the scent of other absinthes from Emile Pernot, but that one is particularly pleasant and inviting. There is a really evident hyssop flowertops note in the middle. Absinthe ain't heavy


It begins with colouring herbs, so melissa, pontica, maybe a little mint and very potent hyssop. There is an interlude for short anise sensation and really powerful wormwood-like smelling the flowering branches-in the finish. Actually, the finish is comprised of 30% spiciness-very delicate, coriander maybe? and 70% top notch strong bitterness.

I have been disappointed with many earlier Emile Pernot offerings, from terrible undercoloured Emiles via decent Wormwood blanche to weak and smelly Roquette or Doubs. This is a milestone and if the Master Distiller does not allow some certain people messing with alembics, the true Art shall emerge from the distillery. Alas.

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Wormwood forward- Awesome
(Updated: November 03, 2010)
Overall rating
Color- Deep peridot- spot on with no sediment
Louche- Light green and gold refractions. Not overly thick and some green & gold refractions are present under natural sunlight

Aroma- Wormwood first and foremost. Crisp with hints of fennel. Some flowery notes. I think it’s very expansive though I would like more complexity in my opinion.

Flavor- Wormwood and tea-like hints. Masculine but includes some flowery tones that remind me of L’Italienne. Fruity and velvety at first, then it dies down more crisp and spicy. Not sure if it’s coriander or not but I like it. Extremely complex and rich (with correct watering)

Finish- The finish lasts forever. Fruity wormwood remains concentrated on the middle of the tongue with spicy notes. Very impressive as I’ve found most finishes in other absinthes are anise-heavy to my palate.

Overall- Powerpbacked absinthe. One of the best I’ve tried. I’ll let the bottle age a bit and re-review. I’d recommend picking up a few more bottles for the absinthe cellar.

I’d recommend no more than a 3 to 1 water ratio. It’s still a great absinthe at higher dilutions, but the herbal ‘pop’ might be lost, as indicated by other reviewers.
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Fantastic offering from Emile Pernot
Overall rating
This is a very delicate and interesting Absinthe that has a more forward wormwood flavor. I found though that the loucheing process has to be done very carefully as just the slightest amount of water over the ideal amount can throw the flavor and mouthfeel completely off.
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13 results - showing 1 - 5
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