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Pernot can make a verte! Yay!
(Updated: November 05, 2010)
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Nice green with yellowish tinge. Reveals a decent and proper colouration what was not always the case as regards Emile Pernot products.


Delicate louche, at 1:1 leaving an unlouched layer. Green and opalescent. Not too whitish. Opaque enough


Fragrant melissa and Pontarlier, non-mistaken, wormwood. Aroma is very fruity and clean. It has the scent of other absinthes from Emile Pernot, but that one is particularly pleasant and inviting. There is a really evident hyssop flowertops note in the middle. Absinthe ain't heavy


It begins with colouring herbs, so melissa, pontica, maybe a little mint and very potent hyssop. There is an interlude for short anise sensation and really powerful wormwood-like smelling the flowering branches-in the finish. Actually, the finish is comprised of 30% spiciness-very delicate, coriander maybe? and 70% top notch strong bitterness.

I have been disappointed with many earlier Emile Pernot offerings, from terrible undercoloured Emiles via decent Wormwood blanche to weak and smelly Roquette or Doubs. This is a milestone and if the Master Distiller does not allow some certain people messing with alembics, the true Art shall emerge from the distillery. Alas.

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