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Rhapsody in Green
(Updated: March 28, 2011)
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Color: A really vibrant lime-green shade of peridot neat.

Louched, much of the green is retained, but there are also hints of copper and blue, giving this absinthe the delightful touch of a Brutalist sculpture by Paul Evans. The louche unfolds with rolling fog banks, and just the right touch of opalescence, and is wonderfully dense, contributing to a creamy, luxurious mouthfeel.

Aroma: Neat, there is almost no hint of harsh alcohol, and a fully developed array of fruity anise and fennel, a wonderful peppery spiciness, and a definite refined blast of minty Pontarlier wormwood.

Louched, this symphonic wonder opens up and fills a room with a perfumed alpine garden that I wish was available in an aroma therapy candle.

Flavor and Finish: As impeccably balanced as the aroma, the flavor is remarkably complex with fruity anise and fennel at first, followed by a very spicy and peppery sensation that is, at the same time, perfumy (almost in the manner of L'Italienne, but more rounded), and the finish is redolent of minty, almost candied Pontarlier wormwood. There's also a very lengthy aftertaste of a touch of semi-dry mead blended with a dash of Juicy Fruit gum. It's a very lingering denouement, and one's palate is left with a sprightly, extremely pleasurable tingling sensation.

Overall: This stunning work of art has eclipsed every absinthe I've tasted, even the best pre-bans. This probably has to do with the freshness, and immediacy of the flavor. Like those pre-bans, I definitely get a textural and slight, positive flavor enhancement from a clearly well chosen wine alcohol base. I concur with Brian that this is a very masculine absinthe, but the bright perfuminess also contributes a playful side that could be just as appealing to women.

This is one of the few absinthes that I consider it no less than an honor to sip and savor.
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