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An excellent absinthe
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Straight from the bottle the color is a very natural, deep green color, very leafy, and transparent.

The louche begins with oil trails that are easily visible. It builds out nicely around 1:1 and 2:1. Around 3:1 I noticed it started to thin out and is a little transparent at 4:1 and 4.5:1. It's thinner than I like and that's the only flaw I really have with this absinthe.

Pre-watered aroma is very herbal and clearly an absinthe. It is very reminiscent of the Jades. After water has been added the aroma is more subtle, but notes of wormwood and anise are there. Very nice aroma before and after water.

The flavor is very complex, and suave. Berthe de Joux has a very good wormwood flavor, and the rest of standard absinthe herbs are there was well. I'd call it suave, subtle and reserved. There is some baby powder flavor in this absinthe. It's not over done, but it's noticeable.

There are nice notes of melissa and baby powder on the finish. There are some root like undertones on the finish as well...almost like ginger. Very nice.

This is a very good absinthe, but a little bit reserved. It's very complex and expertly balanced, no flavor really jumps out and dominates more than any others. I think it'd be great everyday, and it's a good standard for defining what absinthe should taste like.
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