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Absenta and so what?
(Updated: May 30, 2009)
Overall rating
Colour is Too pale

Louche is too quick, but once upon a time for absenta it was a norm

After water, the colour is pleasant if whitish

Aroma is minty and nothing sadly else. It is not off-putting, but too flat.

minty, a bit spicy, weakish, though not heavy-badiane stricken, Mint and anise, not a trace of wormwood.

Being not a fan of Spanish absenta, I won't be definitely a fan of Obsello, either

After the night of re-visits, at 1:1 wormwood appears, hence some points shall be raised. Still, as much as it is pleasant and refreshing, it lacks complexity and the power. I will give it some time rest and we shall see.
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Not a fan
Overall rating
Color: A cross between olive and yellow, and far too much on the yellow side. Not what I would call an attractive verte color.

Louche: The louche is decent enough. It doesn't build particularly well and starts quickly, but that's pretty standard. It gets thick enough.

Aroma: One person's peculiar can be another's "interesting". I don't like what's going on in there personally. It's spicy and minty with underlying vanilla. The anise plays second fiddle. I find it to be thin and flat in some areas.

Flavor: That vanilla that is underlying in the nose is far more prominent in the palate. I find it overbearing and distracting. There's also a distinct nuttiness that reminds me of almond that I don't care for. The mint is still there and the anise comes forward. The wormwood is easily detectable.

Finish: Since I don't care for the taste I naturally won't be a fan of the finish either, but regardless it is lacking in the duration department and wouldn't score high in this facet even if I did care for it.

Overall: This is a quality offering, just not one I'm a fan of.
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Good, But Nothing Special
Overall rating
This is based on a bottle from DrinkUpNY. The color is not as green as I would typically expect from a verte, especially given the description on their web site. Unlike many of the others, my first experience with the louche was rather disappointing. I did use tap-temperature water, which might account for very few oil trails and none of the cloud forming I am accustomed to. The aroma was good, but it doesn't fill the room the way some other brands do (I may have to update this later, as I have a cold right now). The taste was very pleasant. There is a certain amount of complexity that is intriguing but not distracting. I would say that if you were new to Absinthe, this might be one of the better ones to start with, as it is simpler, but still a little mysterious. The finish leaves a bit of alcohol on the tongue, but not any more than you'd get from vodka or gin. Overall, I like this absinthe and will keep it stocked.
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3 results - showing 1 - 3
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