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Absenta and so what?
(Updated: May 30, 2009)
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Colour is Too pale

Louche is too quick, but once upon a time for absenta it was a norm

After water, the colour is pleasant if whitish

Aroma is minty and nothing sadly else. It is not off-putting, but too flat.

minty, a bit spicy, weakish, though not heavy-badiane stricken, Mint and anise, not a trace of wormwood.

Being not a fan of Spanish absenta, I won't be definitely a fan of Obsello, either

After the night of re-visits, at 1:1 wormwood appears, hence some points shall be raised. Still, as much as it is pleasant and refreshing, it lacks complexity and the power. I will give it some time rest and we shall see.
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