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Better than I expected
Overall rating
I tasted and tested all three of the blanches I had on hand one night... the biggest surprise to me, was how well Kubler fared compared to the other two-- the "competition" was La Sorciere Bleue and La Clandestine, and yet head-to-head I had a hard time telling the three apart. Ultimately, I think La Sorciere was the tastiest and edged the other two on quality-- but the difference between Kubler and La Clandestine was that La Clandestine had a slightly better taste & maybe finish (but close enough that I scored them the same) and Kubler had the best louche of the three. Maybe I was lucky enough to get a really good bottle of Kubler (no tails), but it's really quite good.

Appearance: It's a solid blanche. Very transparent, but I can still tell I poured liquid in the glass, so not quite perfect.

Louche: Acceptable-- still really opaque, but there's hints of translucency and a little more depth than I saw from La Sorciere and La Clandestine.

Aroma: Solid. Good. No complaints.

Flavor/Mouthfeel: This is a really nice-tasting, good absinthe. It's a blanche-- guess it doesn't have the complexity of some other varieties, but it's good enough to deserve the "4" I'm giving it.

Finish: Again, nice-- complex, interesting, nice duration-- no flaws. Not perfection though-- so again, I think this deserves the "4" I'm giving it.

Overall: This is a well-made Swiss classic. Maybe I should be considering it the "mid-market standard", but as good as it tastes-- it deserves the "4" I'm giving it, not a "3".
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Finally Tried Kubler!
(Updated: April 16, 2010)
Overall rating
3:1 with no sugar...this doesn't need it.

Color was crystal clear with no sediment.

Louche was the highlight of this absinthe. A bit quick forming, but not overly so.
Really pretty smoky wisps swirled up from the bottom with a nice clear layer above.

Aroma was not all that exciting...anise and a mild herbal, but with a slight musky edge.

Flavor followed the aroma; mostly anise and a light spice, with the wormwood more in the back. Again, that light musky earthly edge, but not bad tasting, just not great.

Finish was a bit weak...no complex layers, and not a strong linger.

Overall, I can see this early entry into the US market a couple years ago being very exciting, but there are so many others now that I prefer I can't see buying this.
Certainly not bad, and a good intro for a beginner to get into absinthe.
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Good Everyday Absinthe
(Updated: April 12, 2010)
Overall rating
Color: Completely clear pre-louche, pure white when louched with hints of a complex opalescence.

Louche: Quite fast but not bad. Show is over quickly. I don't know that this is a bad thing, but the finer louche-ing absinthes — I'm especially thinking of the Absinthe Duplais Blanche as a comparison, as it is a blanche — provide a more interesting and delightful eyeful.

Aroma: Nice, mild, certainly not overpowering. Anise and fennel are most apparent, other herbs are there. Bottle has fresh herb smell, alcohol is apparent but not overly intense.

Flavor: Grande wormwood, anise, fennel, hyssop, lemon balm, coriander, star anise, artemisia pontica and mint are all in this drink, but besides the grande wormwood, anise and fennel I notice some hints of lemon balm, coriander and mint. Quite nice and fresh tasting. Benefits from using a smallish "dot" sugar cube when louche-ing.

Finish: Very nice! No bad aftertaste, the spirit base (made from wheat combined with herbs) seems quite clean and of good quality. The fennel and anise linger, grand wormwood numbs the tongue but thankfully takes its time doing so.

Overall: A good choice for people who would drink absinthe everyday. This is not a one-drink whopper type of absinthe. Rather, enjoying at least three glasses (no more than five) achieves what I expect from a good Swiss blanche absinthe: the requisite "trinity," a very good complement of fresh Swiss herbs, a pure spirit-base, and a fine feeling of vitality that does not degrade two hours later into a hangover. Again, the alcohol base seems quite clean. Not quite as excellent, interesting or refined as Absinthe Duplais Blanche, but what blanche on the American market is?
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The one I longed for, but will it withstand new co
Overall rating
40ml louched with 200ml chilled water, unsweetened for this review.

Color: It is perfectly clear pre louche. The color after louche is a fobby grey with nice overtones of blue and lavender. These overtones in the louche are what, to me, provide much of an absinthe's "mystique": an indeterminate billow of subdued color, coaxed from a perfectly clear liquid.

Louche: The louche forms quickly, but with some oil trails and interest. There is a clear layer at the top that is subsumed by the billowing louche from below.

Aroma: The aroma of the neat liquor is mild and warm. Anise is not overpowering, and well balanced. When louched, that warmth and mildness is broadened, the anise is not overpowering but "couched" in an herbal mist.

Flavor: The flavor of Kubler 53 (US Release) is well balanced with subtleties, tending towards sweetness. The anise is present in the nose with lifting the glass, and emerges nicely on the tongue when sipping, not overpowering. There is more sweetness than dryness throughout the sip, and the bitterness of the wormwood is present but not biting, "drying" just before the finish.

Finish: Finish is dry, with a fading anise sweetness. There is a bit of "soapiness" that is more apparent when unsweetened, and which is not apparent when sweetened. There is some mildness where the chilled water comes through more cleanly towards the middle of the finish, and then a nice woodworm astringence with anise and herbal atmosphere is left.

Overall: A mild, controlled and clean flavor throughout. Not aggressively sharp in any regard. Somewhat thin unsweetened, and so "gaps" are carried by sweetening, in the way the bottle suggests it should typically be prepared. A soothing elxir, as opposed to alcholically harsh or medicinal in the manner of the many of the US targeted absinthes to date, and a definite bargain in terms of quality vs. price.
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exelent as far as I can see.
(Updated: July 31, 2008)
Overall rating
as color goes, well.... its clear. what more to say?

the louche was as expected from any real absinthe, but it was definitly fast. i suppost that could be a good thing however.

the aroma was very nice, not too much but definitly there. could possibly be a little stronger.

now for flavor. this is a tricky one. i found thie flavor somewhat different, but very good. on one hand there was a bit too much and it was almost overpowering. but on the other hand, i liked it, so it must be fine.

the finish was just right if you ask me. im not too fond of any drink that leaves you with the taste of it in your mouth the rest of the night. this was perfect, lasting maybe 30 sec or so after each sip. i enjoyed it.

this was my first blanche. i definitly enjoyed it, however it is a bit strong when mixed 3:1, almost overly strong. but at 5:1 its perfect.
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12 results - showing 1 - 5
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