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I tasted and tested all three of the blanches I had on hand one night... the biggest surprise to me, was how well Kubler fared compared to the other two-- the "competition" was La Sorciere Bleue and La Clandestine, and yet head-to-head I had a hard time telling the three apart. Ultimately, I think La Sorciere was the tastiest and edged the other two on quality-- but the difference between Kubler and La Clandestine was that La Clandestine had a slightly better taste & maybe finish (but close enough that I scored them the same) and Kubler had the best louche of the three. Maybe I was lucky enough to get a really good bottle of Kubler (no tails), but it's really quite good.

Appearance: It's a solid blanche. Very transparent, but I can still tell I poured liquid in the glass, so not quite perfect.

Louche: Acceptable-- still really opaque, but there's hints of translucency and a little more depth than I saw from La Sorciere and La Clandestine.

Aroma: Solid. Good. No complaints.

Flavor/Mouthfeel: This is a really nice-tasting, good absinthe. It's a blanche-- guess it doesn't have the complexity of some other varieties, but it's good enough to deserve the "4" I'm giving it.

Finish: Again, nice-- complex, interesting, nice duration-- no flaws. Not perfection though-- so again, I think this deserves the "4" I'm giving it.

Overall: This is a well-made Swiss classic. Maybe I should be considering it the "mid-market standard", but as good as it tastes-- it deserves the "4" I'm giving it, not a "3".
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