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Kubler - Revisited
(Updated: May 27, 2012)
Overall rating
I am updating my review of Kubler altogether, but only one rating has changed Flavor / Mouthfeel from a 2.5 to 3.5.

Appearance (4) : Kubler is a blanche so it is very clear, but I enjoyed the authentic swiss bottle. Also, the clarity makes the louche that much more exciting!
Louche (4) : The louche is outstanding. I love the louche on a good blanche absinthe because it seems to come out of nowhere like magic, and I just love thinking of absinthe as a little magical.
Aroma (3) : The aroma is slightly strong on the fennel, which tends to be a quality that I don't like but my love of absinthe is quickly changing my feelings about fennel so it still gets a 3 for me.
Flavor / Mouthfeel (3.5) : This is the only changed rating in my updated review because I found a perfect ratio for Kubler that toned down the fennel without sacraficing the numbing effect.
Finish (3.5) : I usually enjoy a strong finish, however with Kubler I was glad that it didn't linger so the weak finish was essentially a good quality for me.
Overall (3) : The only thing keeping me from giving Kubler more than a 3 is the fact that I enjoy other absinthes more that fall in the 4 and 5 range. Kubler is great!
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Good Everyday Absinthe
(Updated: April 12, 2010)
Overall rating
Color: Completely clear pre-louche, pure white when louched with hints of a complex opalescence.

Louche: Quite fast but not bad. Show is over quickly. I don't know that this is a bad thing, but the finer louche-ing absinthes — I'm especially thinking of the Absinthe Duplais Blanche as a comparison, as it is a blanche — provide a more interesting and delightful eyeful.

Aroma: Nice, mild, certainly not overpowering. Anise and fennel are most apparent, other herbs are there. Bottle has fresh herb smell, alcohol is apparent but not overly intense.

Flavor: Grande wormwood, anise, fennel, hyssop, lemon balm, coriander, star anise, artemisia pontica and mint are all in this drink, but besides the grande wormwood, anise and fennel I notice some hints of lemon balm, coriander and mint. Quite nice and fresh tasting. Benefits from using a smallish "dot" sugar cube when louche-ing.

Finish: Very nice! No bad aftertaste, the spirit base (made from wheat combined with herbs) seems quite clean and of good quality. The fennel and anise linger, grand wormwood numbs the tongue but thankfully takes its time doing so.

Overall: A good choice for people who would drink absinthe everyday. This is not a one-drink whopper type of absinthe. Rather, enjoying at least three glasses (no more than five) achieves what I expect from a good Swiss blanche absinthe: the requisite "trinity," a very good complement of fresh Swiss herbs, a pure spirit-base, and a fine feeling of vitality that does not degrade two hours later into a hangover. Again, the alcohol base seems quite clean. Not quite as excellent, interesting or refined as Absinthe Duplais Blanche, but what blanche on the American market is?
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Kubler births a blanche fan
(Updated: March 31, 2009)
Overall rating
This is my second absinthe and first blanche, opened two months ago.

Color: Clear. A blanche is a blanche is a blanche.

Louche: With a carafe of ice water and the steadiest of hands, the louche happens too rapidly for my taste. I could see a fountain allowing for a far more attractive louche, though without opals or pearls.

Aroma: Crisp and clear, making for a refreshing summer drink. The anise is far forward, as others have noted.

Flavor: With a half of a sugar cube, this is a treat! The forward anise is a pleasant flavor to play with on the tongue. After the two months of being open, the alcohol kick has mellowed and a subtle minty bitterness has come forward, balancing out the anise very nicely. Since these are the two main flavors I can detect, I would presume the minty bitterness to be wormwood. Note: My palate is still new to absinthe (still having difficulty discerning fennel), and is generally unaccustomed to bitterness, which leads me to sugar this brand.

Finish: It's over far too soon. There is a slight creaminess which only makes me wish it had more. The anise aftertaste is pleasant, and makes me want another sip.

Overall: The simple, straightforward aroma and flavor of Kubler make for an excellent absinthe for a beginner to learn some basics and to train the palate. With it this affordable for the volume (I paid $52 for the liter), Kubler is an great "everyday" absinthe, and I hope to always have some on-hand. Note: I have had difficulty finding the right water:absinthe ratio for my taste with Kubler, though it is possible that it shifted with the age of the bottle and as my palate has developed. This review was done with approximately 3.5 water to 1 absinthe.
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Finally Tried Kubler!
(Updated: April 16, 2010)
Overall rating
3:1 with no sugar...this doesn't need it.

Color was crystal clear with no sediment.

Louche was the highlight of this absinthe. A bit quick forming, but not overly so.
Really pretty smoky wisps swirled up from the bottom with a nice clear layer above.

Aroma was not all that exciting...anise and a mild herbal, but with a slight musky edge.

Flavor followed the aroma; mostly anise and a light spice, with the wormwood more in the back. Again, that light musky earthly edge, but not bad tasting, just not great.

Finish was a bit weak...no complex layers, and not a strong linger.

Overall, I can see this early entry into the US market a couple years ago being very exciting, but there are so many others now that I prefer I can't see buying this.
Certainly not bad, and a good intro for a beginner to get into absinthe.
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An unimposing, yet enjoyable Absinthe
(Updated: January 17, 2014)
Overall rating
Color: Clear as water. Really nothing much to say about the color :)

Louche: A lot of neat little waves and billowing cloudiness at first. It louches very quickly and doesn't give much time for appreciation. However, the resulting louche is nice and thick and naturally very, very white.

Aroma: It really seems to be lacking in aroma. I expect a lot of aroma to spring forth from the louche - but that never really happens here.

Flavor: Very sweet, even without any sugar added. With sugar is almost too sweet. Not very complex at all and the flavor is a bit dull. I don't exactly want to use a word like dull but it is somewhat appropriate.

Mouthfeel: A nice creaminess. Not much numbing at all, sadly.

Finish: I actually appreciate the finish somewhat more than the general taste of this absinthe. The botanicals seem to show up after the liquid is gone. Strange.

Overall: It's an okay absinthe. This is the only blanche I've had and based upon this will probably stick with the vertes.

UPDATE: 1/16/2014
After having sampled a few other blanche absinthes (LCB and Blanche Neige) - I've adjusted some of my ratings as I do not believe the previous, lower scores were warranted but merely due to my unfamiliarity with the variety. Overall score remains a 3 as before.
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