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An unimposing, yet enjoyable Absinthe
(Updated: January 17, 2014)
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Color: Clear as water. Really nothing much to say about the color :)

Louche: A lot of neat little waves and billowing cloudiness at first. It louches very quickly and doesn't give much time for appreciation. However, the resulting louche is nice and thick and naturally very, very white.

Aroma: It really seems to be lacking in aroma. I expect a lot of aroma to spring forth from the louche - but that never really happens here.

Flavor: Very sweet, even without any sugar added. With sugar is almost too sweet. Not very complex at all and the flavor is a bit dull. I don't exactly want to use a word like dull but it is somewhat appropriate.

Mouthfeel: A nice creaminess. Not much numbing at all, sadly.

Finish: I actually appreciate the finish somewhat more than the general taste of this absinthe. The botanicals seem to show up after the liquid is gone. Strange.

Overall: It's an okay absinthe. This is the only blanche I've had and based upon this will probably stick with the vertes.

UPDATE: 1/16/2014
After having sampled a few other blanche absinthes (LCB and Blanche Neige) - I've adjusted some of my ratings as I do not believe the previous, lower scores were warranted but merely due to my unfamiliarity with the variety. Overall score remains a 3 as before.
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