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The most austere of the Jades
Overall rating
Nice and clear, somewhere between golden-yellow and peridot. The louche looks thick and milky -- every drop of water releases a miniature bloom upon breaking the surface of the absinthe.

I didn't appreciate the greatness of the Edouard when I first tried it. It's the most austere of the Jade line, leaving a prickly sensation in your mouth more so than the others. The mouthfeel is fantastic -- I'd almost describe it as "structured" the way one would describe some wines as structured. Similar to the 1901, the flavors of the Edouard are darker-toned, but there's more emphasis on the wormwood here. In hindsight, this is probably my second-favorite of the Jades, right behind the 1901.
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General tasting notes concerning Edouard cf. 1901
Overall rating
Since there already is a wealth of information about this highly regarded product, I thought it more useful to highlight the distinct qualities of the Edouard in relation to its sister, the PF1901. Thus, a finicky buyer (like me) will hopefully be able to reach a conclusion as to the eternal question of which Jade to buy.

L'Espirit D'Edouard is at once strikingly similar to the PF1901, with the pronounced flavour of the same marc base readily apparent midway through the first sip. The colour is more greenish as opposed to the slightly paler 1901, a perfect hue that is in every way pleasing to the eye. Upon the addition of water, the absinthe louches at a moderate pace until the glass is half full, upon which clouds of opalescent green start to flocculate throughout at a tremendous pace. The result at 1:5 is a slightly verdant-grey and completely translucent.

Edouard hits harder than the 1901 in the palate, with immediate spicy notes battering the tastebuds, and then receding to a alpine cocktail of herbs which is harmoniously balanced with plenty of subtle flavours. The finish is primarily anise, and then traces of wormwood after the tongue dries. For a 72% ABV, the alcohol heat is almost unnoticeable, once again speaking volumes about the superior quality of the product. Unfortunately, I recall that the aftertaste does not linger for more than ten minutes, so in this regard the 1901 will probably be the more satisfying.

The final verdict is that the 1901 is probably more suitable as a summer digestif: floral, incredibly balanced and refreshing when taken very cold. Edouard will fare better, as I suspect, in the wintry months, with its potent herbacious and spicy notes perking the taster up. It must be reiterated that both of them are very close in their similarities (as opposed to other marques) and few individuals, other than the most discerning of absintheurs, will find that the slight difference warrants heavy consideration.
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A solid absinthe with no faults.
(Updated: October 09, 2011)
Overall rating
A good absinthe, with solid 4s in all categories, except the louche, where in typical Jade fashion is amazing. The downside to us was that it wasn't great in aroma or flavor, which at this price-point was a bit of a letdown for me. There is a loud bitter note in the flavor, that just doesn't sit right.

Edit: Bumped finish to 5, it is really extra ordinary.
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Highly complex absinthe
Overall rating
Color: Clear peridot that edges towards gold under certain types of light. No sediment.

Louche: Impressive layering right away but it ends completely opaque after a 1:1 ratio which is pretty fast. Pearly opalescence at the end. Color retains a nice jade green in the middle with gold refractions at the edges under lamp light.

Aroma: Very herbaceous with anise and fennel up front. Wormwood and spices come next. Aroma is not particularly strong but it’s appropriate and sets up the flavor nicely.

Flavor: Highly concentrated flavor on the middle of your tongue. Fennel and anise lend a sweetness while wormwood spiciness (with some dill) pulls your palate in another direction. Slightly powdery at the end of the drink.

Finish: Dill, which I believe
comes from the wormwood is mixed with anise for a candy like finish. The wormwood finish lasts quite a while and is a welcome change of pace where absinthe finishes are merely anise.

Overall: Another winner from Jade. I’d rank this behind PF 1901 for my own personal tastes but Edouard is a bit more complex. This is an intense and satisfying absinthe.

Notes: September 2009 bottling used for review
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A nicely balanced glass
(Updated: July 03, 2011)
Overall rating
*Edited over my first review. Enjoyed best at 4:1 with 1 sugar

The color is a clear, natural medium green. Louched, it was a very pretty shade of light green.

The louche was slow and even forming, lovely thick trails with nice color and opalescence. An attractive color and good thickness.

The aroma was enjoyable and delicate, yet at the same time had a lot going on.. It was clean, fresh and inviting.

Flavor is a bit lighter than the other Jades, yet mildly woody and earthy. Quality anise and fennel are up front, with wormwood just behind. There is a soft spiciness and creaminess that I enjoyed. Again, there was an undertone of wood and earth that seems to be present in all the Jades. Some seem to notice this more than others.

The finish was very reflective of the flavor. Balanced elements, a light pull lingering into a nice powder. I'd rate this just a tad behind the 1901 and VS for my taste.
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