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One of my favorites!
Overall rating
Color: This is a very nice green. It is bright but not light, solid but not opaque, and in fact very clear. It is definitely a natural color and is full. This is a strong verte hue that is still bright and clear. Magnificent.

Louche: The louche is slow to start but has lots of oil trails. A nice gradient performs with the clouds starting at the bottom of the glass. The louche ends with a nice thickness and depth. Tints of the original color are left if you look hard enough in the right light.

Aroma: This is a very distinct aroma. It is definitely spicy and still very herbal, which is just my type. Fennel, anise, and wormwood are up front with other spices in the background, including something nutmeg-ish. Higher dilution displays more wormwood, lower dilutions have more anise. Even at higher ratios there is some alcohol heat detected in the smell.

Flavor: Unbelievable! This is a complex gem of a drink. It tastes like it smells with spicy notes puncturing just before the rising bitter-sweet blanket of the main herbal mixture. And yet it is smooth with an almost almond flavor and texture. Every part of the tongue can enjoy this drink. A bit higher ratio is preferred even by me not only due to the high proof but also to allow more of the drink to breathe and come to life. Usually I like my absinthe stronger but the flavor is so rich I don't have to let it be that way and I can get the benefit of a higher ratio while still getting strong flavor.

Finish: The finish lingers around for a good bit of time with the fennel showcasing itself mostly at this stage along with a rising sweet tone. The finish numbs the mouth a bit but doesn't force itself at all. Smooth and delightful.

Overall: This is an amazing drink. It is complex and definitely one to savor. It plays on just about every part of the tongue and is rich with subtle flavors to taste with each sip. Very well done!
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(Updated: July 19, 2011)
Overall rating
Color: I think the color is a perfect, clear green.

Louche: Slow drip yields dancing fireworks and oily storms followed by creaminess gradating upwards through the glass. Once fully louched it's fantastically creamy and maintains great color: milky pale greens and buttery yellows.

Aroma: Spicy and anise-heavy, very astringent and almost cinnamon-like before louched. The more water is added, the more the wormwood scent is released. I wasn't in awe over it's complexity.

Flavor: This is probably the first time ever I've been able to distinguish the flavor of fennel from the other flavors, which was exciting for me. Every time I took a drink to try to analyze the flavor further, I thought I was prepared but would be taken off guard every time, my tastebuds each like a mini Julie Andrews spinning around in a field of flower a la Sound of Music. Various attempts at tasting led to wild giggles, dramatic swooning, and sheer awe. It's completely sublime.

Finish: The flavor rounds into a very sweet almond-flavored finish lingering with a confectioner's sugar sweetness...absolutely wonderful.

Overall: This absinthe is rich and dessert-like, and unbelievably tasty. The bottle I sampled is from 2010.
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Jade Edouard Nov. 2005 bottling
Overall rating
I have to say that this is what I reach for when I want a truly satisfying glass of absinthe. The rich, yet still peridot color, swirling louche that isn't "instant", refined level of spicyness/flavor and fantastic aroma after water all make for a wonderful and lovely experience.
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Edouard-one of my favorites
Overall rating
Edouard was my first absinthe. I have to say, I didn't really like it then either. I thought it was gross, I think because of the fennel. However it's grown on me incredibly in the short span of four months, and I enjoy it when I'm specifically in the mood for it. I must say I think of it as a spicy absinthe since the only other word I can think of to describe it is complex. When I'm in the mood for complexity, let's say when I want to watch the good version of Dune, or listen to any of the good post-rock bands I have I want to drink a glass of the Edouard. I'd suggest it to anyone new to absinthe. Edouard is what I've come to expect from absinthe.
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Another excellent Jade absinthe
(Updated: April 22, 2010)
Overall rating
As is typical of Jades, the Edouard pours a beautiful, clear, natural peridot, and then louches to a very pleasing jade green, with undertones of amber and blue. The aroma is also excellent -- refreshing and spicy -- as is the flavor (though I do find the spiciness of the Edouard to be almost too much). The finish is very good with the emphasis again on spiciness, though some bitterness is discernable as well. Overall, I think it's just one short rung down from its cousin the PF 1901 -- a very excellent absinthe.

Update: Tasting this absinthe again (for the first time in almost 2 years) I had to raise the score for the finish. There really is a lot going on: a gradual fading of the spices in the flavor and aroma, accompanied by a very slight numbing sensation. I still prefer the 1901, but it is a photo finish.
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19 results - showing 1 - 5
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