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Another excellent Jade absinthe
(Updated: April 22, 2010)
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As is typical of Jades, the Edouard pours a beautiful, clear, natural peridot, and then louches to a very pleasing jade green, with undertones of amber and blue. The aroma is also excellent -- refreshing and spicy -- as is the flavor (though I do find the spiciness of the Edouard to be almost too much). The finish is very good with the emphasis again on spiciness, though some bitterness is discernable as well. Overall, I think it's just one short rung down from its cousin the PF 1901 -- a very excellent absinthe.

Update: Tasting this absinthe again (for the first time in almost 2 years) I had to raise the score for the finish. There really is a lot going on: a gradual fading of the spices in the flavor and aroma, accompanied by a very slight numbing sensation. I still prefer the 1901, but it is a photo finish.
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