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(Updated: March 26, 2013)
Overall rating
Appearance: Clear with no tint but a very, very slight hue.

Louche: Oily on top with a thick and overall grainy appearance. Just a hint of blue at the meniscus.

Aroma: Light and not easily detectable wormwood and anise. Minor spice and citrus notes as well.

Flavor: At first an oily texture is noticeable leading to a grainy one. The flavor is mainly a very sweet star anise and floral bitterness. Not too complex with only spice tones showing on the back of the palate. Very light in taste but not in alcohol.

Finish: Grainy texture really comes out as well as the sweetness. The citrus note of the aroma shows up here as well.

Overall: Years ago this may have been an amazing brand but now the minor flaws have become huge mistakes. For a product that directly bears the distillery's name, I expected much better.
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Extremely light
Overall rating
Appearance: Standard blanche, clear and uncolored.

Louche: The top has a good deal of oily streaks and beads on the surface of the louched glass. The louche is crazy thick, is quite viscous when swirled around in the glass, and stayed a very white color.

Aroma: The smell isn't particularly strong, but what I can smell is a little sweet and has a rainy mountain essence. It's not obviously an absinthe" odor (it's lacking in the trinity).

Flavor/Mouthfeel: Somewhat tart and sharp, and the more one drinks the more the flavor builds on itself. Sadly, the flavor isn't very apparent, and it's difficult to find enough flavor to discuss the balance or ingredients.

Finish: Somewhat velvety and is inducing some mouth-watering and fuzzy sensations, but there's not much flavor left behind to pair with the feelings.

Overall: It almost felt like I was drinking an absinthe with a cold...the flavors were very distant and muted.
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A classic La Bleue
Overall rating
I love this la bleue, as it is simply a pure a classic example of what a Swiss la bleue is supposed to be. I had a glass in 2010 from a different bottle, but this bottle from 2012 is sublime... perhaps it's just that my palate has changed, or it is from a different batch. (We all know that small-batch artisanal distillers have variations from batch to batch). I've compared this to all the other blanches I own, and it is simply put, the purest example of a delicate and delicious wormwood I've tasted in a blanche. There is a softness and clean edge to this, that is free of alcohol and any out of balance elements. Yes, there are la bleues out there (even from this maker) with more character and elements...Sevil for instance, but the purity in concept of this blanche is wonderful. The aroma is crisp and "alpine meadow," the flavor is clean and precise, and the finish is just strong enough to blend with the aroma and flavor in a correct manner, without betraying the gentle spirit of this absinthe. It builds gently and softly, lingers just long enough, then fades leaving a lasting impression of delicate flowers.
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La bleue the classical way, or...
Overall rating
Colour is clear, no flaws no sediments.

Louche is a bit too quick, yet nice to look at.

Aroma is very puzzling depending whether it is analyzed neat, with the regular dilution (1:3) or the factually required dilution (1:1.5):

Wormwood is upfront, a little fennel comes then. Smells sweetish, but is balanced and pleasant.

The absinthe blooms with strong wormwood, piquant fennel, discrete anise and quite pleasant, not grassy pontica in the finish. However, if you cross the limit of 1:1.5 ratio, these nuances fade away.

Overall, A la bleue the way it is gotta be. For my personal taste yet, Lait du Jura #2 is better.
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4 results - showing 1 - 4