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Extremely light
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Appearance: Standard blanche, clear and uncolored.

Louche: The top has a good deal of oily streaks and beads on the surface of the louched glass. The louche is crazy thick, is quite viscous when swirled around in the glass, and stayed a very white color.

Aroma: The smell isn't particularly strong, but what I can smell is a little sweet and has a rainy mountain essence. It's not obviously an absinthe" odor (it's lacking in the trinity).

Flavor/Mouthfeel: Somewhat tart and sharp, and the more one drinks the more the flavor builds on itself. Sadly, the flavor isn't very apparent, and it's difficult to find enough flavor to discuss the balance or ingredients.

Finish: Somewhat velvety and is inducing some mouth-watering and fuzzy sensations, but there's not much flavor left behind to pair with the feelings.

Overall: It almost felt like I was drinking an absinthe with a cold...the flavors were very distant and muted.
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