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La bleue the classical way, or...
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Colour is clear, no flaws no sediments.

Louche is a bit too quick, yet nice to look at.

Aroma is very puzzling depending whether it is analyzed neat, with the regular dilution (1:3) or the factually required dilution (1:1.5):

Wormwood is upfront, a little fennel comes then. Smells sweetish, but is balanced and pleasant.

The absinthe blooms with strong wormwood, piquant fennel, discrete anise and quite pleasant, not grassy pontica in the finish. However, if you cross the limit of 1:1.5 ratio, these nuances fade away.

Overall, A la bleue the way it is gotta be. For my personal taste yet, Lait du Jura #2 is better.
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