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(Updated: March 26, 2013)
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Appearance: Clear with no tint but a very, very slight hue.

Louche: Oily on top with a thick and overall grainy appearance. Just a hint of blue at the meniscus.

Aroma: Light and not easily detectable wormwood and anise. Minor spice and citrus notes as well.

Flavor: At first an oily texture is noticeable leading to a grainy one. The flavor is mainly a very sweet star anise and floral bitterness. Not too complex with only spice tones showing on the back of the palate. Very light in taste but not in alcohol.

Finish: Grainy texture really comes out as well as the sweetness. The citrus note of the aroma shows up here as well.

Overall: Years ago this may have been an amazing brand but now the minor flaws have become huge mistakes. For a product that directly bears the distillery's name, I expected much better.
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