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What is this supposed to be?
(Updated: July 20, 2011)
Overall rating
I laughed hysterically when pouring it. The colour is extraordinarily artificial and absurd-looking. The louche action is slow, unspectacular, and comes out medium-thin. And still blue.

The aroma before louche is like mouthwash; minty and medicinal. It even has that nausea-inducing smell of artificial sweetener (I don't know if it really has that, but it sure smells like it). The anise is more like licorice candy. After louche it smells a little less like Scope and a little more like rotgut absinthe like Tabu. The medicinal fumes slightly burn my eyes.

The flavour is like a mentholyptus cough drop mixed with cheap licorice candy. The sweetener tastes artificial, hardening my suspicion. There is a bitter tang like copper that is really inappropriate and annoying; the only other dreck that claims to be absinthe that I've had that contains it is King of Spirits Gold. The flavour isn't remotely similar to absinthe at all and is quite offensive. The finish is dominated by that artificial sweetener flavour, degrading like the flavour of Listerine into a plasticky numbing at the back of the throat.

If this is legitimately absinthe then it's only by technicality. It really bares no similarity to absinthe in any way; all it is is mouthwash with delusions of grandeur.
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Overall rating
It's blue. It looks like Scope. It tastes like Listerine with a touch of wormwood bitterness. It smells like medicine. Despite the louche (which was a little weak), I couldn't detect the flavor of anise or fennel which may be there but overwhelmed by the mouthwash mint. This was disappointing.
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Not terrible, but not absinthe
(Updated: October 17, 2009)
Overall rating
A sample was generously provided by a friend.
The color is an artificial aquamarine. It reminds me of Scope.
The addition of cold water via dripper resulted in a very very thin louche.
The aroma isn't unappealing, but it certainly doesn't smell like absinthe. I get a lot of eucalyptus, some mintiness, and other medicinals, with a hint of alcohol heat in the end.
The flavor certainly isn't that of my definition of traditional absinthe (which is the dominant flavors of anise and wormwood). It's very sweet and minty with the overall flavor of eucalyptus. Again, the likeness of Scope is remarkable. It's drinkable, but not as an absinthe. More like a Rumple Minze or something similar.
The finish is nothing to write home about. It's all mint and sweetness.
Overall, this isn't absinthe in my book, and definitely not absinthe if referring to traditional and present (Swiss) definitions of absinthe. I might consider adding some to my espresso as a substitute for Fernet Branca, but I'd never drink this if I were in the mood for an absinthe. The most redeeming quality of this drink is the very enticing packaging.
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Surprisingly Bad
Overall rating
I got a bottle of this a while ago from a friend who knows I like absinthe. A nice thought, and appreciated as such, but now I'm torn. Revealing my true thoughts after sampling the gift would risk insult; not to do so risks it becoming an annual tradition. I can usually find something positive to enjoy in any food, wine, or absinthe. This product strains that ability.

Appearance: Blue. As in, the blue of Scope mouthwash. Electric blue, of the sort you'd find in the specialty box of novelty crayons. The bottle was somewhat creatively designed, at least, if one wishes to count that toward the single point it scores for appearance.

Louche: Yes, it did louche. Poorly, but once coaxed into it, the louche was at least full and milky bluish-white, of a color not nearly as offensive as its original state.

Aroma: The theme of Scope mouthwash continues, without much exaggeration. I wouldn't have been able to even detect that it was intended to be an absinthe substitute.

Flavor/mouthfeel: This is where the title of this review comes in. Truly, surprisingly bad. Disappointing. When drinking beer, I appreciate nearly any old beer for what it is - not every beer needs to be my favorite homebrew. I feel the same about absinthe, but found it difficult to appreciate anything about this abomination. It tasted and felt much like it looked and smelled - like mouthwash. Fine, if I wanted mouthwash, but not so good for something I was about to drink.

Finish: Some moderate improvement. Once swallowed, a hint of minty freshness lingered as if I had just rinsed with - you guessed it - Scope mouthwash. Not much in the way of unpleasant aftertaste, but not what I would expect from absinthe or even an absinthe substitute.

Overall: Poor. I wanted to like it, if for no better reason than it was a gift and I had noticed that it seemed readily available locally. I'll save the pretty bottle, but not its contents.

While I may be a "glass is half full" sort, I'd rather this particular glass remain empty or be refilled - and imbibed - by someone other than myself. Preferably not someone who wants to actually enjoy his or her drink.
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Electric Turquoise Eulogy
(Updated: May 29, 2011)
Overall rating
Le Toilet Vert
Oh how you hurt
Aquamarine is your hue
With verte
You have nothing to do

Your vision is clear
Even when water is near
Nothing will cloud your day
It's not
Really a good thing to say

You smell of booze
So it's hard to choose
What to write down
I'm wearing a frown

You taste like eucalyptus
What the #*&$ is with this?
Absinthe is made with wormwood
And yet
You display nothing you should

I can't wait for you to finish
And quickly you do diminish
Cleanly you disappear
Not warm
And thankfully not here

I find you are no longer made
Even your memory will fade
So I deliver this eulogy
You made a fool of me.
Top 10 Reviewer 70 reviews
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"Tourment" is accurate, but Vert certainly is not.
Overall rating
Color: It's a lovely teal color...but not if you're claiming to be a green absinthe.

Louche: It TRIES to louche. It really does.

Aroma: Tingly alcohol scent.

Flavor: It can really be described best as "EUCALYPTUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" It's intense. And it burns.

Finish: Not nearly fast enough. I suppose in it's defense, it's a fresh, clean, bad finish instead of a swampy, warm, bad finish.

Overall: I've been trained to try to drink all of what's put in front of me, as there are sober children in Africa. It was difficult with this one. There have been few other alcoholic drinks that have been this wince-inducingly bad. That said, most of the bottle was drank, partly because there wasn't much else in the house and it was a near-palatable summer drink, partly because I knew something nice(r) could be bought once the suffering was over.
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These people can't be serious
(Updated: December 04, 2010)
Overall rating
This infuriates me. The word absinthe has no place on this attractive bottle full of bad mouthwash.

The color may as well come out of a bottle of scope, which by the way tastes better than this, and claims in no way to be absinthe.

As far as aroma, it is a portent of things to come. Things I didn't want. I had no sense that this would resemble absinthe in any way. It smelled like another concoction, and one that some might enjoy, just not me.

Flavor. Yikes. alcohol, bad mint-like touches, after-shave, chemicals and confusion.
It in fact might pass as a different drink, and rate better. As an absinthe however, a 1 is fair.

Louche was thin, but it almost happened. A weak cloud formed.

Finish. Yes, it almost finished me. I simply can't think of anything to say here.

Overall, this is an insult to absinthe. Call it anything else for the love of God, but not absinthe. I can actually imagine people drinking this and enjoying it. Sad, but true. What was it P. T. Barnum said? Not one person in the room was able to drink more than a sip or two. They were being generous.
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Skin Bracer
Overall rating
The label lists dyes, and the blue is off putting.

Limp, and barely noticeable.

Smells like old man's cologne. I seriously thought this was a gag product.

Like an old man's cologne. It tastes like it smells, and reinforced my thinking it was a gag product.

My palate isn't as refined as others, but I couldn't go past 2 sips.

I'm still believing this is a gag gift, and was intended as a cheap man's cologne for people who want to feel like their living dangerously. I wish there was a '0' ratings option.
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