Delaware Phoenix "Walton Waters" Absinthe Superieure - Reviewed by Experts and Consumers at The Wormwood Society

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Delaware Phoenix "Walton Waters" Absinthe Superieure - Reviewed by Experts and Consumers at The Wormwood Society

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Very nice offering
(Updated: July 03, 2010)
Overall rating
Batch 9-15, Bottle 47

Color: This bottle is about a year old, so the color has faded a bit, but it's still a very nice golden green, almost like olive oil. Some Fuille Morte has obviously occured, but the bottle has been stored in a cool dark cabinet since I got it, so it's from aging, not improper storage.

Louche: Very nice layering that ends with a wonderful green opalescence.

Aroma: Clean and crisp with a nice balance of herbs. Anise is well balanced with wormwood. Inviting.

Flavor: I see why Peridot mentions this as an almost savory absinthe. While the sweetness from the anise is there, there is also an earty and marine like quality that is intriguing and enjoyable. The herbs are well balanced, with nothing being too dominant.

Finish: A nice, well rounded finish as well. Not a lot of numbing, which I find to be a good thing. Too much numbing and you can't enjoy it anymore. My only complaint with the finish is that I'd like to have it hang around a bit more.

Overall: An obviously well made absinthe. It's going to be hard to find anyone that won't enjoy it.
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Oceanic Absinthe
(Updated: June 11, 2011)
Overall rating
6/10/11 Revisit

Over the couple of years since I was so generously gifted this bottle I have noticed some changes in it so I think it deserves a revisiting.

The serpentine colour has dulled to a slightly more olive colour with a couple of years' sitting, but it is still completely appropriate, particularly for its age.

The aroma has opened up to a tremendous degree. It's floral and honeyed, with surprising and delightful tobacco notes. The thick louche is a very attractive, opalescent olivine as before. Water makes the aroma positively room filling with a fruity character. In the glass it's a little anise-forward with a bit of saltiness, but otherwise very balanced. Powdery.

Very big flavour, all traditional absinthe herbs in excellent balance, saltiness on the palate has faded some. The juxtaposition of marine and earthiness has tilted more toward the latter. Citrus is still there but more subdued. More smooth and blended than before. Crisp and refreshing.

The finish is long and dominated by the excellent wormwood. The bitterness has mellowed substantially. Fruity and spicy notes, very nice.

Walton Waters has definitely improved with age.

Original review:

Colour before louche is serpentine, a deep green. Aroma is balanced anise and wormwood. Smells a little salty, but otherwise very classic absinthe aroma. Louche kind of builds everywhere at once instead of bottom-up. It becomes hazy quickly, stays that way for a while, and then is suddenly full. Colour after louche is olivine, not too opaque, not too thin. With water the aroma has become more anise-intensive, with a hint of spice. Smells delicious.

Flavour is both sweet and salty, with a big anise and wormwood punch right off, followed by a fennel earthiness that seems an odd but fitting marriage with its otherwise very oceanic character. The wormwood is excellent and surrounded by fleeting, citrus notes. This is a savoury absinthe, like an herbal entree. Finish is bitter and completely dominated by wormwood. In the end it reminds me briefly of an Imperial Pale Ale's hoppiness. The mouth feel is smooth but not quite the creaminess of the Meadow of Love.

This brings back good memories of many great artisanal absinthes I've tried. And I remember conversations about how there would never be commercial absinthes like them for one reason or another. It just makes me laugh now. I'm excited about American absinthe producers.
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Girl Power, Pontarlier Style
(Updated: June 18, 2012)
Overall rating
Unlouched, a good level of medium green with slight amber highlights. Crystal clarity in the dose, the bottles have the slightest "silty" sediment on the bottom.

The amber was not present on arrival, but I made the mistake of leaving these out on my kitchen counter for one week. Even though they were not in direct sunlight, that room gets a lot of ambient light, just enough to push the DPs to a much more amber coloration. They were both very organic greens when they arrived. So be careful with these. I am going to buy another pair and bag them immediately when they arrive. Maybe that's an opportunity for Cheryl's next business. They say a girl has got to know how to accessorize. A zip-up neoprene bottle cover?, maybe that lace-up Gaultier bustier look?, I'm thinking something tie-dye is probably the right vibe for these.

Louched, Quite creamy looking golden green with bluish white at the edges and meniscus, and a nice rosy amber glow at the bottom. Excellent vibrancy to the colors. Very pretty.

Nice thick rolling cascades, rather than trails, with great refractions. Cloudiness quickly begins to build in a very pretty way and takes over the drink by 1/1. While it's building, there's a lovely amber/rose glow to it. Nice! At 1/1, there is a thick green line left, and louche really thickens up. The line gradually diminishes and disappears at 2/1, and then it takes a dilution of about 4/1 to regain some translucence.

Nice base of anise and fennel with an almost "confectionery" tinge, probably the impressions from the hyssop. Extremely clean base, no alcohol heat. Smell hard and the lemon thyme is evident. Great nuance, details, constant interplay of all the herbs. All nose impressions are so fresh and immediate, that it seems like this stuff was just pulled out of the ground and put in the bottle. Way high quality, very balanced.

Good anise/fennel attack when cold (what's new?), and a more herbal/floral attack as it warms. Lots of intensity, but not from being "over-packed", more from the quality level. 4/1, or a little better is where this really comes into its own. It really goes all "meadow" at that point. Yum! Lesser dilutions are spicy, and I don't think that is what was intended. Like the nose, lots of undulating details to find if you look for them.

A little spicy "bump" of anise focuses all the nose and palate impressions. Very clean. At 4/1 or a little greater a nice airy, herbal finish. At less than 4/1, a buildup of powdery sensation on the palate, along with significant spice. I prefer the higher dilution. Finish has decent duration, but not amongst the longest I've seen.

Don't be afraid to push the water on this one. It can take it. And when you do, talk about "meadow"! Some recurring themes; Very fresh, very high quality ingredients, very balanced, very precise, very impressive. The thing that really blows my mind is that Cheryl apparently tasted her first absinthe in 2006. She saw her first still in 2007. Amazing learning curve! Does she wear a cape?

Done with a 1 ounce dose, diluted 3.5/1, 4/1, and 4.2/1 and no sugar.

Walton Waters 5/13/09, 5/16/09, 5/17/09.
All evaluations had consistent notes.
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Overall rating
Batch 16-5 (but I've had a few bottles in the past 10yrs, and this one seems just like I remember)
Appearance- Very deep green. I have had bottles for a while and they do eventually yellow a bit, but even then it's very attractive.
Louche- I like the louche but the end result is almost opaque in my glass. Very milky. Light does create an opalescent effect as it passes through, however.
Aroma- Really nice balance between sweet anise and vegetal, pre-louche. The louche opens it up a bit, but it's never quite as strong as some others.
Flavor/Mouthfeel- For me, it seems the wormwood is more up front here, and boldly so. I get hints of the other herbs involved, but the wormwood really seems in charge. Anise seems more subtle than I would expect from the aroma. There's a bitterness here that in some (rare) cases has me reaching for some sugar after making the drink and tasting it, and I almost never, ever use sugar- but this is in no way a strike against it. Other times it seems perfect as it is and I have no inclination to use sugar. In either case, the bitterness is very balanced and not overpowering or a problem, and in fact makes this drink for me. It's great. Just the right amount of bite. Creamy mouthfeel.
Finish- Amazing. It lasts for quite a while. Finished my drink probably 15-20 minutes ago and I can still taste it when I breathe in. Very mouth-watering, and It really just makes me want another. Excellence.
I'm giving this a 4.5 overall. Would have scored the louche at 5, but the score system's guidelines say a louche should not be too opaque. Not sure I really agree with that but there it is. The other scores where I gave less than 5 are due to the fact that as much as I love this absinthe, I enjoy Meadow of Love (particularly the more noticeable lemon balm on the nose and taste buds) even more, so I feel that I should leave a little room in the score here, for comparison.
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Strange Name - Amazing Absinthe
(Updated: October 31, 2014)
Overall rating
Color: The bottle I have is a much darker - more yellow/brown color than the greener colors I've seen in photos of this particular brand. It's very pleasant to look at and lends a more unique character to the absinthe.

Louche: Nice and thick. Good separation of the unlouched portion and the louched content during the process. It's a good, steady climb.

Aroma: Very pleasant. I can't help but compare it a bit to Leopolds Verte. Quite enjoyable and very present during the louche.

Flavor: Balanced and traditional. Really everything a proper absinthe should be. A delicious undertaking.

Mouthfeel: Substantial and creamy. Nothing wimpy about this absinthe whatsoever.

Finish: Nice numbing... lingering flavors which shift a bit as time passes. Entirely lovely.

Overall: Absolutely one of my favorite absinthes. This is one of the rare absinthes I plan to try and keep on hand at all times!
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Crown jewel.
Overall rating
Appearance: A slightly older sample, which means it's a bit more olive than green, but it's not at all too light or too dark.

Louche: Once louched this becomes a really pretty glowing green and is just the right thickness.

Aroma: Big, super-balanced, beautiful smell with lots of delicious mysteries.

Flavor/Mouthfeel: The flavor is much less herbal than the smell, and much more cake-like. It's still very balanced though, with a good deal of sweetness and has some slightly citrusy flavors.

Finish: This is very sweet and round, with a tartness and salivation that reminds me of sucking on candy.

Overall: The completeness of this absinthe is pretty near perfect in my book.
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let's do the walton waltz!
(Updated: June 14, 2012)
Overall rating
Wow! The first absinthe from Delaware Phoenix that I tried was Meadow of Love and I was convinced that it would always be my favorite absinthe; however, now that I have tried Walton Waters it is a really hard call. Walton Waters is the whole pacakge of absinthe. For me, every piece was just right. The aroma was inviting, strong and a great indication of the flavor. The louche is unbelievable and the taste is so compelling that you will still be trying to decide what you like best about it until the very last glass. Walton Waters was a true home run for me! 5 stars!

Appearance (4) : I gave Walton Waters a 4 here, only because the bottle I recieved was slightly amber and not the bold green that I have seen in many pictures.
Louche (5) : WOW! So beautiful! I louched each glass slower and slower because I was enthralled with the way the thick cloud looked like it was a big mist of clouds settling over a city. Spectacular.
Aroma (5) : The aroma is fantastic, and one of the few absinthes that I have had where the aroma is a true sneak peak of the flavor. I loved the aroma of this absinthe!
Flavor / Mouthfeel (5) : The flavor is outstanding! The holy trinity is balanced to near perfection, and the other herbs give you an additional level of flavor making it almost impossible to get bored sipping and just letting the flavors rush to every part of your mouth. The mouthfeel is spot on too, not too numb but just numb enough.
Finish (5) : The finish is so good that I found myself not wanting to eat or drink anything else for a while just to keep it around a bit longer.
Overall (5) : WOW! Truly a delicious and inviting absinthe that is sure to please any absinthiste. Try it now!
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The high literature of absinthe.
Overall rating
Appearance: Slightly yellowish side of peridot but clear and robust. Not thin or thick. Again this sample has already aged 3 years.

Louche: Perfect if just a bit on the thick side. A nice blue hue adorns the edges of the drink.

Aroma: Slightly sweet with huge floral notes. Anise is pronounced as well as some lemon and mint in the background holding the big aromatic notes up like Atlas.

Flavor: It is a bit hard for me to accurately describe without using rambunctious language but it's really, really good. The initial flower bomb that is more than just wormwood slides into a citrus and herbal-earthen roundness with a surprising pepper note and just slight mint flavor. This is like tasting a good book that you know you'll have to read again a few times to understand every nuance. The high literature of absinthe.

Finish: Spicy and citrus notes take the spotlight with a slightly sweet anise creeping up later. The change is subtle and delightful as well as not weak in any way. Raising the bar for what I consider a good finish.

Overall: Excellent taste and superb finish. This is the holy grail of a floral absinthe without being weak as other floral absinthhes tend to be. The balance of other herbs harmonize perfectly bringing the taste game up quite a few notches. An overall excellent job!
Top 10 Reviewer 70 reviews
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