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Batch 16-5 (but I've had a few bottles in the past 10yrs, and this one seems just like I remember)
Appearance- Very deep green. I have had bottles for a while and they do eventually yellow a bit, but even then it's very attractive.
Louche- I like the louche but the end result is almost opaque in my glass. Very milky. Light does create an opalescent effect as it passes through, however.
Aroma- Really nice balance between sweet anise and vegetal, pre-louche. The louche opens it up a bit, but it's never quite as strong as some others.
Flavor/Mouthfeel- For me, it seems the wormwood is more up front here, and boldly so. I get hints of the other herbs involved, but the wormwood really seems in charge. Anise seems more subtle than I would expect from the aroma. There's a bitterness here that in some (rare) cases has me reaching for some sugar after making the drink and tasting it, and I almost never, ever use sugar- but this is in no way a strike against it. Other times it seems perfect as it is and I have no inclination to use sugar. In either case, the bitterness is very balanced and not overpowering or a problem, and in fact makes this drink for me. It's great. Just the right amount of bite. Creamy mouthfeel.
Finish- Amazing. It lasts for quite a while. Finished my drink probably 15-20 minutes ago and I can still taste it when I breathe in. Very mouth-watering, and It really just makes me want another. Excellence.
I'm giving this a 4.5 overall. Would have scored the louche at 5, but the score system's guidelines say a louche should not be too opaque. Not sure I really agree with that but there it is. The other scores where I gave less than 5 are due to the fact that as much as I love this absinthe, I enjoy Meadow of Love (particularly the more noticeable lemon balm on the nose and taste buds) even more, so I feel that I should leave a little room in the score here, for comparison.
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