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let's do the walton waltz!
(Updated: June 14, 2012)
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Wow! The first absinthe from Delaware Phoenix that I tried was Meadow of Love and I was convinced that it would always be my favorite absinthe; however, now that I have tried Walton Waters it is a really hard call. Walton Waters is the whole pacakge of absinthe. For me, every piece was just right. The aroma was inviting, strong and a great indication of the flavor. The louche is unbelievable and the taste is so compelling that you will still be trying to decide what you like best about it until the very last glass. Walton Waters was a true home run for me! 5 stars!

Appearance (4) : I gave Walton Waters a 4 here, only because the bottle I recieved was slightly amber and not the bold green that I have seen in many pictures.
Louche (5) : WOW! So beautiful! I louched each glass slower and slower because I was enthralled with the way the thick cloud looked like it was a big mist of clouds settling over a city. Spectacular.
Aroma (5) : The aroma is fantastic, and one of the few absinthes that I have had where the aroma is a true sneak peak of the flavor. I loved the aroma of this absinthe!
Flavor / Mouthfeel (5) : The flavor is outstanding! The holy trinity is balanced to near perfection, and the other herbs give you an additional level of flavor making it almost impossible to get bored sipping and just letting the flavors rush to every part of your mouth. The mouthfeel is spot on too, not too numb but just numb enough.
Finish (5) : The finish is so good that I found myself not wanting to eat or drink anything else for a while just to keep it around a bit longer.
Overall (5) : WOW! Truly a delicious and inviting absinthe that is sure to please any absinthiste. Try it now!
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