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Extreme spice!
(Updated: January 16, 2010)
Overall rating
I tend to characterize absinthe as either "herbal" or "spicy." The Helfrich Verte falls onto the extreme end of the "spicy" spectrum, at least among absinthe I have tried to date. The color before water was a greenish gold, very clear, and the louche was also attractive, forming a yellowish jade in the end. The aroma was very spicy: a little medicinal before water, but pleasing, complex, and interesting afterward, with a strong element of white pepper. The flavor was even better: not exactly balanced, but intense and interesting. Again, pepper was a prominent note.

If there is a flaw in this absinthe, it is in the finish, which I found reminiscent of tequila. This is where the medicinal aroma came back to haunt the Helfrich just a bit. That said, overall this absinthe is quite good, and an interesting change from what one usually encounters.
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Totally herbaceous!
(Updated: July 30, 2012)
Overall rating
Before Water: Extremely clear, almost refractive dark peridot/olive. Natural and beautiful. A touch darker than many quality vertes, but still one of the most gorgeous unlouched colors I've yet seen.

Color After Water: very attractive milky olive.

Nice cascading trails, some orange and blue highlights that appear in the louche when backed by strong light. Not much layering or cloud roiling action however. Full louche at about 1.5:1.

Before Water: Floral, vegetal and herbal notes, backed by lemony citrus.

After Water: More the same notes that presented themselves neat open up; the floral notes and fresh green herbs, lemon. Wish I could detect the A.A. a little more in the melange.

Big, spicy, herbaceous tones upfront with what I can only describe as green fruit and lemon flavors and a grassy, bold pontica. This is followed by big, assertive, bitter wormwood in the back and in the finish. I was not expecting the amazing green-powered herbs that were a bit more herby and fruity than “alpine” to me. It manages to be 'pungent' in the best sense of the word, and is distinctive from the 15 modern COs I've tried thus far.

A decent, creamy body is present, but it is not obvious due to the spicy herbal notes that crackle on the palate and lend themselves to a crisp, flavorful -though bitter- finish.

Did I mention how herbaceous and green tasting it is? It does have a citrus/sweet vs. bitter contrast, and it's possible that it COULD be more balanced. But that might ruin the wonderful, bold herbal complexity. It may not appeal to everyone, but it's definitely a favorite of mine.

Notes: Bottle Date 30 March 2008. Bottle opened June 2008, tasted Aug 2008. Louched 3:1 with fountain drip with small amount of sugar as well as sans sugar.
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Vincent would like it
(Updated: August 13, 2008)
Overall rating
Although I prefer Helfrich blanche more than verte I like visiting the old friend from time to time.

Colour: the bottle Serge sent me was from Aug’07, at the very moment it is nice feuille morte.

Louche: that I really like looking at: 1:1-oil trails, 1:2-oil trails, 1:3-gets suddenly opaque but not too thick.

Aroma: inviting, clean base, citrusy, wormwoody.

Flavour: balanced, spicy, the fight between wormwood, coriander, hyssop, pontica is prevalent.

Finish: spiciness takes over to transform into very pleasant wormwoodiness with just a touch of citrus.

Overall: I am not changing my opinion, absinthe with strong personality and crazy taste.
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3 results - showing 1 - 3