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Vincent would like it
(Updated: August 13, 2008)
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Although I prefer Helfrich blanche more than verte I like visiting the old friend from time to time.

Colour: the bottle Serge sent me was from Aug’07, at the very moment it is nice feuille morte.

Louche: that I really like looking at: 1:1-oil trails, 1:2-oil trails, 1:3-gets suddenly opaque but not too thick.

Aroma: inviting, clean base, citrusy, wormwoody.

Flavour: balanced, spicy, the fight between wormwood, coriander, hyssop, pontica is prevalent.

Finish: spiciness takes over to transform into very pleasant wormwoodiness with just a touch of citrus.

Overall: I am not changing my opinion, absinthe with strong personality and crazy taste.
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