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Extreme spice!
(Updated: January 16, 2010)
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I tend to characterize absinthe as either "herbal" or "spicy." The Helfrich Verte falls onto the extreme end of the "spicy" spectrum, at least among absinthe I have tried to date. The color before water was a greenish gold, very clear, and the louche was also attractive, forming a yellowish jade in the end. The aroma was very spicy: a little medicinal before water, but pleasing, complex, and interesting afterward, with a strong element of white pepper. The flavor was even better: not exactly balanced, but intense and interesting. Again, pepper was a prominent note.

If there is a flaw in this absinthe, it is in the finish, which I found reminiscent of tequila. This is where the medicinal aroma came back to haunt the Helfrich just a bit. That said, overall this absinthe is quite good, and an interesting change from what one usually encounters.
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