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Another bad approximation
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Appearance: very light green.

Louche: Practically none. A very thin haze, but no louche to speak of, sadly.

Aroma: hints of mint and christmas spices along with the typical funk of a Dutch Genever. Not really any resemblance to absinthe.

Flavor/Mouthfeel: insipid. Very thin mouthfeel with no anise flavor. Tastes like a gin with hints of juniper, honey, and bog myrtle. Slight acridity on the rear palate.

Finish: fleeting with no real redeeming qualities. Slight bitterness, but it doesn't seem like it comes from wormwood.

Overall: I have enjoyed Zymorgium's other products, so I was initially excited to try this one. Unfortunately, this has completely missed the mark and is relegated to the same category as Doc's and Le Tourment Verte. I wonder what type of research they did when coming up with this recipe. This is sadly not absinthe. Not recommended.
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