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Review from a Newcomer
Overall rating
This was my first taste of absinthe, and I am more than intrigued. I became quite excited when I first smelled it. It was a light green color, and louched well, I think. It didn't quite turn entirely opaque. I didn't know what to expect, only that it had a sort of licorice flavor, but it tasted nice. I think that next time I have some, I'll add more sugar; it was stronger and more bitter than I expected. I sipped it very slowly and carefully.

Overall I was very pleased with my first experience!
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Not worth your money
Overall rating
This absinthe was produced by the Pernot distillery in Pontarlier, before they switched owners and started producing more interesting elixirs such as the Roquette 1797 and the Doubs Mystique.

The color was a completely natural-looking green, but neither bright nor nuanced (3/5). The louche was there, and natural, but it was disappointing - a little thin, and not particularly interesting to watch (2/5). If blindfolded, I would have correctly identified the aroma as that of authentic absinthe, but a little anise-heavy (not really revealing the other herbs) and unfortunately, the green fairy doesn't really fill the room after the louche (2/5). The flavor is also authentic, but a little too sweet, not really nuanced, and overall pretty 'thin' - this is the kind of absinthe that you really can't enjoy if you've had better varieties (2/5). The finish, too, was lacking - nothing unpleasant, but the flavors, what few there were, just didn't really linger (2/5). Overall, this is an unremarkable absinthe that isn't worth your money. The effects of it felt just like getting drunk off a regular spirit, there was none of that pleasant lucidity I associate with good absinthe.

For beginners, I would recommend starting with the Verte de Fougerolles instead, because it does a better job of showcasing what a good absinthe should be, without really knocking your socks off.
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it would have been better a couple years ago
Overall rating
If i had tried this before many of the wonderful new absinthes of the last couple years i certainly would have been more impressed. Minimal color, very pale yellow/green.Very weak & unimpressive louche. The aroma was plesant, but just not quite "there". The flavor start to finish was very umballanged and at times unpleasant. Compared to many other COs this one is lacking the touch.
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Overall rating
Color: Pretty intense peridot green. No sediment.

Louche: Louche takes some time to develop. Middle thick. it remains green even at 1:5, with some yellow and orange.

Aroma: Not too strong. Anise, wormwood. Some grass.

Flavor: The first sips reveal an unexpected wormwood bitterness, followed by the other usual tastes of fennel and anise. Not particularly complex, but fresh and pleasant.

Finish: A lovelly, clean bitterness stays long in the mouth.

Overall: This was one the first absinthes I ordered. I found it pretty plain then. Going back to it some months after for this review, I’m surprised by the bitterness it shows. I like bitter tastes a lot. It’s a real verte. My bottle was purchased in late 2015, many years after the previous reviews.
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4 results - showing 1 - 4
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